Tuesday, 11 August 2015

T for Tuesday 11 August 2015 T for unusual tea pot (no postcard today)

Good Morning and good Tuesday to all!

Writing a post about anything drink related is not difficult at all. That makes me sound like a real boozer, but I'm not. We all drink. We have to or die. Especially here in this warm climate liquids are essential.

But today I will post a 'boozy' photo because we went out last night and had such a lovely time. There is a house about 100 m from us that is owned by a Danish couple. They use it for holidays and this time this holiday for the first time they brought their (adult) children with them. 

We all met up last night at a local bar and drank Tinto de Verano (translated: Summer Wine=a mixture of red wine, lemonade and ice cubes). Here in the village (as everywhere in the Granada province) you get a free tapa (a snack) with every drink. 

But these are not my T for Tuesday photos really.  What I really wanted to show you is a photo my friend Regina took and sent me when she went to an antique exhibition.
It's a tea pot. If you look closely you'll see there is a perforated septum, a sort of divider with holes in it so that when you turn the pot up right the tea leaves remain separate and the tea stops stewing. Clever idea. When I asked Regina where she saw it, she told me the Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead, UK.

That's all from me this morning. I'm linking this with T for Tuesday at altered book lover, so have a fabulous Tuesday all of you!

CU tomorrow!



  1. So glad you have no trouble writing a drink related post, because I sometimes struggle to find something useful. I enjoyed your trip to a local bar, and even though I don't drink alcohol (I have absolutely nothing against it, I just don't like the taste), I thoroughly enjoyed your outing.

    That teapot is very unique. Leave it to the British to come up with a way to make a better teapot!

    Thanks for sharing your outing and the unique teapot with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. Looks like a lovely evening and so interesting to learn about Tinto de Verano.
    Having a nibble with a drink is just perfect too.
    That teapot is brilliant and beautiful.
    It solves the tea sitting and getting stronger by the minute which is one of the reasons I don't use loose tea in a teapot that much.
    Happy T Day ! oxo

  3. What a lovely teapot!Your photos are so sweet!And I can feel the good vibes in your first photos.Gorgeous post!Happy T Day ! xoxo

  4. It looks like you had some fun with your neighbours. Very unique tea pot, I have never seen anything like it.

  5. I have never seen a teapot like that, but now I'm surprised I don't see them all the time. Ingenious!

  6. Lisca i'am so glad you shared that unique teapot with us. I have never seen one like it... Happy happy T day my friend! Hugs! deb

  7. An evening out with friends is always fun isn't it? Never heard of the summer drink you mention, might have to try to mix some up. The teapot is indeed unusual. I wonder if it work well. Just curious because you would think that if it did lots of companies would duplicate it.


  8. That teapot is so cool! I've never seen anything like it before.

  9. Love the teapot! Wish I could buy something like that.

  10. Looks like you were having a splendid time with your beverages and tapas! thanks for sharing the tea pot photo...it is beautiful! happy T day!

  11. Looks like a wonderful time with good company. That's the most unusual teapot I have ever seen! Happy T-Day! :)

  12. So glad you are joining us on Tuesdays too. Love that teapot and everyone looks like they are having so much fun.

  13. Hi LIsca! I've been "away" from Blogland for a while so having a great tme catching up with some of my bloggy friends. Thhat teapot is SUCH a clever idea, why don't we all have one?! Thanks for your visit earlier - if you wanted to print out that footballer toy, here's a link where you can find the full image to save to your pc. Keep up that hydration in this hot weather hehehe!! Annie x

  14. I'm such a klutz! Here's the link I meant to leave