Friday, 28 August 2015

Friday smiles - 28 August 2015 Kraft doodles and naughty ladies

Hello Friday friends,

I hope you have had a good week. My week has been full of blessings although we have not done anything special. It's been a routine week. Yes, us retired people also have a routine....

Our campervan has passed its ITV or MOT or whatever your country calls its annual roadworthy test. Hurray!

My husband has had dental work done (very successfully) so he is happy. (And the price was less than what we anticipated. That can't be bad)
I have been busy doing scrapbooking. I'm making a book for my grandson's 10th birthday in October. I finished two pages today so I am well chuffed as they say. 

One scrapbook website Kraft Plus challenged us to use doodling or zentangling on our scrapbook page. This is what I made:

I love doodling! No drawing skills needed.

To finish today's blogpost (and hopefully make you smile) I will leave you with a postcard from Finland. It's by designer Inge Look and features two ladies (I call them the naughty ladies) enjoying life to the full. They always make me smile!
They look like they are singing at the top of their voices. I imagine something like: 
"Row, row, row your boat, 
gently down the stream... 
merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, 
life is but a dream!"

That's it for this week,

See you all next Friday! (Or tomorrow on 'A Postcard a Day'.)



  1. Hi Lisca. Thank you for sharing your smiles again this week. I sort of relate to those two old ladies....there comes a time when you can happily do what you want, when you want in the way you want without a care of what other say....and I think I'm there :-)
    Annie x

  2. Hi Lisca, happy Friday. An eventful week with good outcomes I'd say - hope you're planning some getaways in your campervan. Just love your naughty ladies...yes they are singing row row your boat. About our move. We own this home and our son has been house sitting for us and as he has no special lady in his life (yet) he is welcome to live with us. But as he has a house full on furniture and ours has been travelling about the country with we have to thinned down as we have two of everything. Now this won't happen until our renovations are complete - sigh - I had hoped this would have been started and nearing completion by now but no we only have plans, so I'm trying not to get mad and just realize they will happen and until then our gear is going into storage (under the house) and then when it's all done we'll sort it all out and it'll feel like our place again. Because we've been visiting lots over the last 2 years it still feels like we're visiting now - hope you understand all that. Today I had to sort and restack the pantry and so I was on a roll and did all the kitchen cupboards..changed then all about so we'll see what our son thinks when he gets home. Stay turned I'll be taking pics when it all starts to happen. Have a great weekend cheers Robyn

    1. Thanks for explaining. We did a lot of visiting in 2011 when we had sold up to go to Spain, and I got diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks before leaving. We were staying with friends at the time. So the next 6 months we accepted the hospitality of many great friends who let us stay, or house-sit, or put us up in granny flats etc. It was a year of little miracles on top of my treatment etc. Then when we got to Spain, we decided that a house out in the sticks was not practical for a cancer patient, so we bought a cave house in a large village 30 miles away. The cave needs renovating and we are building a newbuild next door. We plan to move into the new flat in December. In the mean time we live in a (nearly falling down) cave. Not ideal, but the end is in sight. We too have furniture stored here there and everywhere. It probably doesn't fit or look good in the new place, but we'll see...
      Yes, the thing is not to get mad. Just be patient and keep focusing on the end 'product'. I've been at screaming point more than once!

  3. Ahhh Lisca, love the thought of travelling around in your campervan so that is great, always nice to know it's safe for another year.
    And yes singing full throat.., "row row your boat" for your ladies ...whatever it is they are laughing that's for sure.

  4. Good new re the camper van - I am about to pay an arm and a leg for my cars MOT!! OUCH . My hubby also needs a tooth fixing next month - its not cheap is it ?! Anyway your page and postcard :) Have a great Week. Soojay 8

  5. Love your page and I too love doodling Zentangle style. I showed my grandchildren how to do it and they get great results.
    The lady in yellow looks like she is doing an impersonation of the scene on the Titanic!
    Jo x

  6. Love those ladies! Have a good weekend!

  7. They are two happy old girls on your postcard. The doodling looks good and what a handsome young man your grandson is. Glad hubby got his teeth sorted out and that the camper passed it's test. That is always a great relief. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  8. Ha ha - love the postcard - Row, row is one of Ben's favourite songs. x Jo

  9. Love the ladies on the postcard! Your scrap page is unique with your doodling, and very nicely done. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my space. #53

  10. Hi Lisca! Thanks for visiting my blog - I posted so late this week, that I'm surprised I've had any visitors at all. (especially as I haven't had much time to visit others yet).

    I love those "naughty ladies". I know a couple of ladies that might fit that description too...

    A cave in Andalucia sounds like the ideal place to retire... warm in the sunshine, but cool in the cave. And a camper-van too - so you can travel and see the world, but take your craft projects with you!

    Speaking of which, I really like the doodling on your scrapbook page. I haven't done much doodling - I think it's time I tried it more. I did do a stitched doodled frame on one page, a long time ago... more scribbles needed. It's time I let my hair down!
    And regarding the lettering on my own scrap page, I have to admit that the letters were like that when I got them - I didn't add the lovely white doodly-scribbly outlines. Still, it would be fun to do that to some other letters, that are "just plain", wouldn't it?

    Have a good weekend!


  11. Oh YES! I can imagine those Old Gals singing row, row, row your boat!!! I'd like to be bold enough to wear their clothes!!! And YAY to passing motor registry thingies. And a bigger YAY to cheap AND successful dentistry [most uncommon!!!].... & the BIGGEST 'yay' to you joining us at K+!!! This is gorgeous!! I adore your doodling & combining the black and white for it.....totally toooo clever and creative! Looks brilliant:):) So happy you joined in with our challenge this month!!!

    1. Glad you liked the Kraft page. I love doodling. I only had one sheet of 12x12 kraft paper and I only have the one white pen, so I'm being selective what i use it for. I have a block of A4 kraft paper, so I might join K+ again with a different format as I do like kraft.

  12. Brilliant doodling, I love the mix of black & white pen. Thanks for joining us over @ Kraft+ :)