Thursday, 27 August 2015

A Postcard a Day 27 August 2015 Books

Good Morning! 
We usually spend one night a week at our weekend home 40 km away. We went on Tuesday morning and had lunch (at 2pm) at our favorite restaurant, and spent the night in our little abode. It's very quiet, away from it all. No neighbours, no noise: total peace. We love it. On Wednesday I cooked an English meal: Bangers and Mash (for the uninitiated: sausages with mashed potatoes). Remember the song? (Peter Sellers and Sofia Loren)
We don't have English food very often but when we do I enjoy it with a nice glass of Spanish wine!

But you are here to see my postcards. I collected nine this week! 
This is one of them:
The photo does not have a date on it but it looks 1950s. That could be me in the photo. I love books! And did as a child. The card was sent to me by Marrku in Finland. He put a beautiful stamp on it:
The swan is designed by famous designer Klaus Haapaniemi. He lives in London and does fabrics for fashion and illustrations for books and all sorts of beautiful art work. Have a look on Google...

That's it for today. 

Tomorrow I'll link up with Friday Smiles.

See you then,




  1. Hi Lisca - thanks for your visit yesterday - I am a bit late with my comments. Ha Ha I think spanish wine goes well with ANY meal ;) Have a fab week x Soojay

  2. I am super late in visiting for T day. I've never had Bangers and Mash. I'd probably enjoy it though...looks yummy!
    Happy T Day...very late