Thursday, 6 August 2015

A Postcard a day - 6 August 2015 tomatoes

Good morning!

Yesterday was 'happy mail' day again! I found six postcards in my postbox. Wow! I can't keep up...

The one I'm showing you today is last week's though as I haven't scanned the new ones in yet.

One of the things I love about living here in rural Spain is the fresh fruit and vegetables. Everything tastes so much better. Tomatoes are one of those things. I just love the taste of real tomatoes. So I was really pleased when I received a card about tomatoes...
It was sent from the Czech Republic and is of course for my collection of Nouvelles Images cards.

The stamps are beautiful:
 The large stamp features a lynx and a bird with the Latin name of picoides tridactylus which in English is the three-toed woodpecker.
The flowers on the other stamps are not named in Latin or English so I don't really know....

I'll be here again tomorrow to show you another card. It will be one with a smile as I will link in with Friday smiles.

Have a good day,

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  1. I love seeing these posts about your post cards...happy day to you Lisca.