Friday, 14 August 2015

Friday Smiles - 14 August 2015 Pussy's breakfast

It's late in the day but it is still Friday! We've been away for a few days and I have just come home. Just in time to quickly post a smile:
It's a postcard I received from the USA a while ago now but it is just funny. I call it Pussy's breakfast, but it might have been the cat owner's breakfast. Who knows. Her expression is priceless.

The stamps are really nice:
The trees represented on the stamps are, on the right: Blue Spruce and on the left: Eastern Red Cedar. 

That's it from me and my postcards. Tomorrow I will post another postcard. The photos of our few days away will be posted on Wednesday.

Good night all, 



  1. What a great postcard. Obviously sent to you by someone with a sense of humour. The woman's expression is priceless! Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  2. That's certainly one to pin up somewhere for a chuckle everytime you see it. Love it and thanks for sharing. Have a good w/end
    Jo x

  3. That's so funny Lisca :-) I hope your little night time visitor will let you sleep better tonight too.
    Annie x

  4. Love her expression. :) Have a lovely week x Soojay

  5. I love her expression...I hope she gutted the fish before putting it in the pan :)

  6. Love it! So funny!! Thanks for sharing.