Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A postcard a day 4 August 2015 T for Tuesday

Hello my friends and especially T for Tuesday people,

This is a postcard from my collection by the artist Inge Look. She draws the 'naughty' old ladies who have lots of fun. This is one of my favorites. 
Wouldn't this be fun! Making a den under the table and having a cuppa with my bestie who brings along a bunch of flowers. I'd have cakes and chocolates at the ready and we'd have a whale of a time!

Pia, who sent me the card wrote about an interesting project she did in her family. This is literally what she wrote:
"We did a project in my family last April. The project called “Don’t buy anything in April”. During that time we didn’t buy any food, cosmetics, fuel, postcards etc. We ate what was found in the refrigerator, freezer and cupboards. There is no any reason for the project. One day we just joked/debated that it is possible. Before that we didn’t buy any extra items. During the project we learnt a lot about our life and how people too often buy the completely unnecessary items, mainly impulse buys, like chocolate! I hope that we learnt to think before we are going to buy something from the store. In this case we saved ourselves as well as money and the environment."

The stamp is beautiful:
It was much requested and was issued in March 2014. In time for the wedding invitations to be sent out, as this stamp was called 'wedding'. Designed and photographed by Ari Lakaniemi and Susanna Rumpu, the self-adhesive stamp is printed on foil paper which makes the rings glisten like real gold rings.

I'm going to link in with T for Tuesday, so you can all have a giggle with the naughty ladies and perhaps also have a serious thought about your shopping habits...

Have a good day,



  1. You have an amazing collection of postcards...thank you for sharing them.

  2. Gosh Lisca, I love this postcard. I really enjoyed the two women sitting under the table. What tales they would tell.

    Yes, it made me laugh, but more important, it made me think about all the things we buy and keep on hand. I'd like to start that challenge for myself in September. I guess I could start now and continue through for a month. Unfortunately, there are a few things I must have that are perishable and won't last a month, like my coffee cream.

    Thanks for sharing this postcard and the stamp with us for T this Tuesday. It was fun to also think about buying habits, too.

  3. I remember making tents out of sheets but haven't done it in years. A good way to celebrate T Tuesday lol They look so gleeful!

  4. Oh my goodness, I l♥ve these 'naughty' ladies! so great! and quite an interesting project to not purchase anything for a month. I would be in serious trouble I think! happy T Tuesday!

  5. That certainly IS a very precious postcard.
    It reminds me of when our boys were young making "forts" under tables with sheets and such. Sure looks inviting...chocolate you say :-) I'll be right over.
    I remind myself often that I do already have everything I need.
    Happy T Day and Happy August oxo

  6. Oh how that card made me smile!! We have had weeks when we have only bought milk and fresh veggies, although not for a while..maybe it's time to do it again! Happy T day! Chrisx

  7. The card made me giggle! Yes, we could all spend less and use more of what we already have. True! So true! Happy T-Day! :)

  8. That postcard instantly made me smile as soon as i saw it! Thank you for that! It does look like they were having a fabulous time! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  9. I LOVE the post card and the idea to do the same thing.

    If I could get Hubby on track, I would give the "no buy" thing a try, even if for just a week. Problem is we own our own truck and if it doesn't move, we make NO money and it has to have fuel to move......what a cycle eh?

    Thanks you for the visit this week and for the wonderful comment.

  10. The card made me giggle!
    Happy belated T-Day!
    Your new studio looks fab!

  11. Love the postcard!!!! I wan to be one of those ladies having a great time with a good friend ♥ Thanks so much for sharing it! I love the idea of not buying anything for a month. Since retiring from full time work I have had to adjust my spending habits and it's amazing how to realize how wasteful my spending has been for years.

  12. I've really enjoyed looking through your posts, old and new. Really interesting. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. It is really appreciated. I am now looking forward to the German branch of my family arriving tomorrow. Precious time.
    Jo x

  13. What a lovely postcard and the project is amazing!Happy belated T-Day!