Saturday, 29 August 2015

A Postcard a Day 29 August 2015 Cakes and figs

Good morning all!

It's weekend again! That comes round so quickly! 

In the UK it is a Bank Holiday weekend, which means people also have Monday off. Most go away and generally enjoy themselves. It also means road congestion and tail-backs. Most of the time it also means bad weather... 

We have no problem with tail backs here in our area, the roads are empty and the weather is still very hot.

Today we went to pick figs this morning. Below our house there are a couple of large figs trees by the road. You can see them here in the photo. (You can just see a little white corner of our house top right)

We drove the car down so we could stand on the tail gate to reach the higher fruit.

This is my hubby picking the figs. We are going to make fruit chutney (Nigel Slater recipe) tomorrow.
No, I haven't forgotten the postcard for today. Here it is. It arrived a few days ago from the UK.
Photographed by photographer John Gay in 1956 it is called "Through the window of Claire's cake shop in Padstow". What a lovely card. That could have been me! I was 5 years old in 1956, and I love cake!

The stamp is one I hadn't seen before with a lovely little primrose on it.

Thank you Elena for sending this card to me.

That is it from me today,

Have a lovely day and see you tomorrow,




  1. I hope your fruit chutney turns out well. I have only tried using figs in it once and I wasn´t all that impressed, but I love the fresh figs any way. I love the postcard this week. Kate x

    1. I've made the chutney today and it is absolutely delish! Photos on blog of Sunday 30 August.

  2. I love cake, too, Lisca! Find it hard to resist. How lovely, having your own figs to make chutney with - I am sure it will be delicious. Thank you for your lovely comment - I managed to sort out the laptop problem last night by trying various things and in the end I'm not sure which one worked, but it doesn't matter, as long as it works! I've still got a lot of photos etc. to sort before it's how I want it. Kringel is a fun Zentangle, isn't it - a new one on me! I've been commissioned to do a Zentangle drawing based on one of my own tangle designs and it will appear in a new Zentangle book about to be published! Very exciting. I've been working on the drawing for a couple of days now and hopefully will get permission to put it on my blog.

    Zentangle can start is a dot grid, or in a variety of other ways. It's definitely worth a try if you enjoy doodling - it's an amazing form of drawing and very relaxing to do. If you click on the Zentangle Gallery tab on my blog it will take you to my Flickr album and most of my zentangles are on there so you can see what I do.

    I am sure it is the smell of the chemo that upset our kitty. The younger one isn't bothered, but Beatrice lost a lot of fur, which is now growing back. The last couple of days I've been back in favour with her and she's been demanding cuddles! After Friday she'll probably be off me again, though.

    Really looking forward to this being all over... Spare a thought for Shaz who's having her operation on Wednesday!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
    Shoshi x

  3. Your figs are further on than ours. I saw another fig tree today in Glastonbury and theirs was at the same stage as ours, so I am not worried about it now. I have never made fig chutney before but may have to give it a go.
    As for bank holiday Monday, I stay at home!! Too much hassle to go out!
    Lovely postcard. I love cake too, but wasn't even born in 1956! Haa Haa!