Sunday, 16 August 2015

A postcard a day - 16 August 2015 Abruzzo, Italy

Good morning and good Sunday!

As it’s Sunday I usually show you something church related. Today it’s a card of Abruzzo. The part of Italy where I spent many years of my life. The words under the photo translate: Beautiful Abruzzo “places of the spirit”.

Top left is the convent of Saint Angelo of Ocre (province of Aquila)

Top right is the hermitage of the Holy Spirit on the Maiella. The Maiella was our local mountain, it has ski pistes and lots of paths to walk and ramble. It’s not so visible on the photo but the buildings are ‘stuck’ to the side of the mountain. Sadly they are no longer permanently inhabited, but the monks go there in the summer and hold retreats.

Bottom left is another of my fav places on the side of a mountain (different mountain though). It’s called the hermitage of Saint Bartholomew (near Legio in province of Pescara). San Bartolomeo short video It can only be reached on foot and when I was younger a group of us did the walk every year. One of the popes of bygone years was exiled there.

The bottom middle is in a church Santa Maria dell’Assunta in Bominaco (province of Aquila) and bottom right is the abbey of St Clement in Casauria, province of Pescara.

The stamps are nothing special as this is a card that I sent to my mother the last time I was in Italy.

Have a lovely Sunday all of you and bare a though for those who have to work today (nurses, doctors, fire fighters, police etc)

See you tomorrow with Monday map card,



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  1. Wow what gorgeous places, thanks for the post.

    Hugs Diane