Wednesday 24 June 2015

WOYWW 316, messy desk, chocolate cat and chocolate medal.

Hello deskhoppers! 

It’s Wednesday again, which means we get to snoop around each other’s desks to see what we are up to (or not). If you have no idea what I’m on about, have a look at Julia’s website where she explains all about this WOYWW (Whats on your workdesk Wednesday).

This is my desk last night. As you can see it’s an almighty mess. But a good mess as I’m actually making stuff. I’ve made a card for one of the grandies’ first birthday.(left of the paper trimmer)

It was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest (using buttons and Kraft paper).

I also made a ‘thank-you card for my aerobics/gym teacher with a chocolate medal. The gym closes for the summer and all us girls have put money in the hat as a thank-you for the teacher. It normally just gets put in an envelope but I made a card. The Spanish don’t ‘do’ cards at all so I hope they all think it’s a good idea. (I’ll let you know next week).

In the desk photo you can also see the little concertina books I’m working on for the grandchildren. I’ve been painstakingly stamping Bible verses on each page. I had to finish all that last night as I’m going to the post office this morning to send the whole caboodle off to the UK.

This week I received ten postcards! (from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Finland x 2, Japan, Germany x 2 , Hongkong, USA, Netherlands). I'm a member of Postcrossing  ( So today I will send postcards to other fellow Postcrossers. One of the cards I’ll be sending today is by artist Oxana Zaika. She paints cats in a special way. I buy the cards from a Russian website, so when my Postcrossing recipient put down Oxana Zaika as her favourite, I found one in my collection. I love them.

That's it for today. Thanks for visiting. I'll try and visit as many as I can this week.
God bless y'all.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

WOYWW 315, tortoises, vines and a different Dunnett

Hi folks! Sorry I had to miss last week, we were still travelling through Europe. We've now finally arrived home (Thursday). Oh its good to be home! I'm still not completely sorted out and I haven't washed everything, but hey, easy does it.

                       Here is the photo of my desk. No project on the go as yet. (although I should be making a card for the first birthday of one of our grandchildren) Instead you can see two scrapbook albums with page protectors that I bought in the UK. In the foreground is some artwork by Hannah Dunnett, whose work I love.

Work on our house is continuing and we now have window frames in both arches. Hopefully the glazier will put glass in soon.
I've had to stop Postcrossing the two months I was travelling but I'm back in the swing of sending and receiving postcards again. Here is one of the cards I received. I love turtles and tortoises, so I really love this card. 

Today was the first sunny and warm day after a cold spell. I'm sitting in the shade of the vine.  Our neighbour pruned it (the vine) properly at the right time of year and the right position of the moon etc. Look at the abundance of baby grapes growing!

That's it from me today. Hopefully I'll have a more interesting page next time.
Have a great week everyone, 
God bless,

Wednesday 3 June 2015

WOYWW 313 Holland, Friesland and a felted scarf

Hi everyone,

It’s Wednesday again and time to do some desk hopping. Via Julia ( we get to see each other’s desks and say our weekly hello.

Well, I am not at home, in fact, I’m still travelling. At the moment I’m in Holland visiting my mum who will be 91 on Friday.

 The desk I’m going to show you belongs to my cousin’s wife Ina. 

She loves sewing and has recently done a course in felting and has made this scarf. She gave it to me as a present. I love it!

 Ina and her husband live in the north of the Netherlands in an area called Friesland. Friesland has its own language and is famous for its black & white cows (Friesians). Also there are beautiful lakes so sailing is very popular in Friesland.

On the way back from Friesland we visited friends who have a farm (beef cattle, not Friesians).

This is my friend's vegetable plot

Here are some pictures of this typical Dutch landscape.

That's it for today. Thank you everyone for following my travels in spite of the non-crafty content. I will try and visit as many of you as I can politely get away with. (I have internet as I am staying at someone's house, but I believe it is quite rude of course to be on my tablet all the time when I am visiting someone....)

God bless you all! 
See you next week,