Monday, 31 August 2015

A Postcard a Day 31 August 2015 Belgium map and harvesting almonds

Good morning! Good Monday! 

It's Map Monday and I am showing you a postcard with a map. (I collect them).

Today I have a map of Belgium.
I grew up in Holland and as Belgium has a border with the Netherlands I have been to Belgium often. An hour on the train could see us shopping in Antwerp or eating waffles in Brussels. Belgium has beautiful cities all over and lovely hills and valleys in the east. I don't know why Belgium isn't better known than it is.

The card was sent to me by Lut quite some time ago now. She tells me she is a crafter like me and makes 3D cards. She put a special stamp on the card for me too.  
The stamp celebrates the Belgian presidency of the European Union.

Meanwhile here in Spain.... the almond harvest is in full swing. This weekend my neighbours were shelling sack load after sack load in their garage (which is next to ours)

The sacks of almonds get emptied in this (very noisy) machine. 

The machine spews out the shells on one side and the almonds on the other. The shells are used to fuel the stove (it does get very cold here in winter) and the almonds of course get eaten or sold on. I've been told the harvest is not so good this year because of the draught.

That's it for today folks. See you tomorrow when i will link in with T for Tuesday.



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