Tuesday, 25 August 2015

T for coffe mugs and ice cream

Good morning, Happy Tuesday!

It's getting cooler here in Spain. For the first time the temperatures dropped below 20 degrees C during the night. 

Earlier this month I bought a small ice cream maker (at Lidl) but I hadn't tried it out yet. This one has two containers so that I can make small quantities of two different flavours.

I made one vanilla and the other blackberry. I find the pips in blackberries very annoying so I put them through a food mill. It was messy to say the least. Then it was quite messy to whip the small amount of cream. The kitchen was a right mess. But I did get ice cream. Two large beakers. Too much for the two of us really but we ate the lot!

Now to my T connection: We have a set of mugs for tea and coffee. 

It says 'tea' on three of them and 'coffe' on the other three. First we thought it was a language where coffee is spelt 'coffe', but I believe there is no such language (please tell me if I'm wrong). So I think it is a misprint! Don't you? I'm hoping one day they will become quite rare... And I'm hanging on to these as they might be worth a lot of money in the future! Lol!
So I'll put them away somewhere safe and pour myself a glass of wine!

Cheers! This is a card I received from Finland a while ago. I can't decifer her name but she is a nurse working on a surgery ward.

The stamp is quite nice. It is from the series Country Romance.
I'll leave you with that lovely old tractor.

Have a good day all of you,




  1. Lisca, I could be wrong (I occasionally am), but I thought I saw coffee spelled that way on a blog recently. It was on a blog from a different country, and I'm not sure if I can even remember where I saw it. Hopefully, someone can tell you because we have a genuine international group here.

    Golly, that looks like a wonderful ice cream maker. I was surprised how much it held, especially since it didn't look that large. Glad you had a chance to use it.

    Although I don't drink wine (or alcohol, even though I'm not a prude, just don't like the taste), I really enjoyed that postcard. It is beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing your tea and (possibly misspelled) coffee mugs, as well as your new ice cream maker and wine postcard with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. Happy T-Day!
    What a nice ice-cream maker!
    the cups look great !
    Fab to get postcards from all over the world! Super!

  3. Happy T Day! Love your ice-cream maker with 2 bowls. I have an old one but with one large bowl. Glad you enjoyed it! I have a mug where Coffee is also spelled as coffe and coffee, so perhaps it is another language? Love the stamp with the old tractor, too. Have a great week! Hugs, Valerie

  4. What a delicious mess and such a great ice cream maker (both the machine AND you Lisca!)
    Your collector cups are fun.
    You must have a wonderful postcard collection along with all those beautiful postage stamps. I enjoy seeing them.
    Happy T Day

  5. Many thanks for your lovely comment on my post. Your ice cream maker looks great and I bet the ice cream was delicious!
    Look after those mugs, they could become heirlooms one day, ;) Happy T Day :D

  6. I bet you will have a lot of fun with your new ice cream maker! It did make more than it look, too! I can think of so many add-ins that would be good also.
    As a former serious stamp collector, I really enjoy seeing the stamps you include in your posts.

  7. There is nothing like some homemade ice cream! I bet you'll have fun experimenting with a variety of flavors too. Love seeing your postcards and stamps. I always keep the stamps off my mail (mostly the foreign ones) to use in my art. Great set of mugs tho I'm not so sure about the coffe spelling either:) Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog-glad you enjoyed the scarves from Spain-I LOVE mine. Happy T day!

  8. Blackberry ice cream -even with the seeds- sounds delightful to me. I like that you can make 2 flavors. I've never seen an ice cream maker like that.

    Investing in cups for the future. I like that idea :)

  9. Interesting "Coffe" mugs. Hope you solve the mystery and discover if they are an unfamiliar language or a mistake. In either case they are conversation pieces.

    Love the stamp from Finland

  10. well the ice cream sounds wonderful, even if it was a lot of work...and a beautiful stamp! 'Coffe' I am not sure about...maybe you have a collector's item ! :)

  11. Love the ice cream maker!!! I have one but it just has one large bucket and makes a huge batch. We have to freeze most of it and it gets too hard to eat them and the texture is never as good as when it's freshly made. I'll have to give blackberry a try though as we have lots in the freezer :) Love the cups!

  12. Happy T-day Lisca!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment, and the walking link...I'll check into that.....sounds like a fun way to track my walking. I have TWO pedometers and both need new batteries....LOL

    I've never seen an ice cream maker quite like yours. My hubby would definitely make good use of something like that. We also have the LARGE bucket size, but it is a lot of work......so I just buy his ice cream. It isn't something I often indulge in myself.....now wine is a different story....LOL

    Love the vintage post card.

  13. That is alot of work for icecream! lol And i love icecream! Happy happy Tday! Hugss! deb

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  15. I´m generally not a great lover of ice cream, but home made with blackberries? What a treat! Your mis-spelled mugs are nice, but what really catches my notice is those lovely orange flower tiles in the background, they are so amazing! Happy T-Day!

    1. We are still living in the old cavehouse while building a new appartment next door. The kitchen is really old and the tiles are from the seventies (orange and brown was the fashion). Yes, they are happy tiles but they will have to go when we get round to renovating the cavehouse.

  16. I tried to google coffe and didn't find that spelling for coffee. Yes, hang on to them! Could very well be a misprint--which is kind of cool.
    I've never made homemade ice cream, but I do love it. Seeds would not be welcome, though--LOL! Happy T-Day! :)

  17. Well done on your ice cream making...for me that goes with baking and I don't have the baking super power :-P

  18. I used to love making icecream when my boys were young! Love the card and stamp. your coffe cups are lovely - hope you find something out! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  19. Sorry for taking so long to visit you but it has been one of those weeks and only now squeezing in some visits.Love your mugs.So beautiful!I thinks it is a misprint too.The card is awesome!Happy Belated Tday!