Monday, 24 August 2015

A Postcard a day- 24 August 2015 Map-Monday Canada

Good Morning and Good Monday!

Have you had a good weekend? 

Here in Spain it is still very hot and we are enjoying the good weather and the lush produce. Our neighbor Serafino has a plot of land and he regularly brings us produce. These days it is cucumbers (the little short Spanish ones) and plums. I had so many plums at some stage that I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to make jam because we don't eat much jam, but I made plum sauce. 

I found a recipe for oriental plum sauce and stoned and chopped up all the plums. When it was all cooked and reduced I ended up with three jars of lovely sauce.
But most of you are here to see the postcards, so here is today's card from my collection:
It's Canada of course. Sent to me by Dale who lives in Toronto and is a retired letter carrier/postman. Having worked for the post office he knows where to get all the beautiful stamps. This card has 13 stamps on it!
The eleven small ones are all with images of beneficial insects on them with their Latin names. 
Here are their names in English:
1c Convergent lady beetle
2c Monarch caterpillar
3c Golden-eyed Lacewing
4c Paper wasp
5c Northern bumblebee
6c Assassin bug
7c Large milkweed bug
8c Margined leatherwing
9c Dogbane beetle
10c Canada darner (dragonfly)
25c Cecropia moth

The one with the snake is beautiful and is raised/embossed. It was issued in 2013 and celebrated the Chinese Year of the Snake.

The largest stamp features binoculars and is a tribute to the Canadian Rangers. 

The Canadian Rangers are a sub-component of the Canadian Armed Forces reserve that provide a  military presence in Canada's sparsely settled northern, coastal and isolated areas. A primary role of this part-time force is to conduct surveillance or sovereignty patrols as required.
(Photo Wikipedia)

Someone has scribbled penmarks over the stamps. (It wasn't me!)
That is a shame.
Dale, the Postcrosser who sent this card to me, has a birthday soon on the 1st of September. So Happy Birthday Dale and thank you again for sending this great card with stunning stamps.(Even though it was a while ago)

Have a good Monday all of you and CU tmorrow.



  1. That plum sauce looks yummy - & actually, it's my all time fave jam!!! Mum used to stew & freeze our plums - yum, too!!!! Canada..... Love the post card & those stamps!!!!

  2. You know me, I love cooking as well so you are showcasing my two favourite pastimes. check out those stamps. We have some gorgeous ones coming out too, I'll have to grace your postbox with my new beautiful stamps