Friday, 7 August 2015

A Postcard a day - 7 August: Friday Smile

Good morning everyone, and especially Friday Smilers!

Most of you know that one of my hobbies is Postcrossing, where I send and receive postcards to and from all over the world. ( There are 564,901 members world wide from 215 countries. 
I love seeing people in national costume. I love to see the fabric, the style and the embroidery and head dresses. I have a card from the Ukraine sent to me by Tania.

A little girl in national costume. Isn't she cute. I hope this will make you smile as it did me when I first saw it.

Tania was pregnant when she wrote this card and said she was preparing for motherhood: taking yoga classes, and making the necessary purchases.

The stamps are absolutely gorgeous:
The two top ones are from a series about bread. This is what the sheet looks like:

Then there are two stamps about trees. The latin names are fraxinus excelsior and aesculos hippocastanum (chestnut to you and me)

The last stamp has people with instruments that look like the 'alpenhorn' from Switzerland.In fact it is an instrument called the tremblita and is used in the Carpathian mountains as a signalling device to announce weddings and deaths etc.

I hope this has made you smile.

Greetings from (very hot) Spain,

See you tomorrow,



  1. Hi Lisca. It certainly did make me smile....what a cutie she is and I love the national costumes too.
    Annie x

  2. Morning Lisca, What a little cutir pie she is and how pretty shr looks in her national costume. What interesting stamps there are from around the world. Your post did make me smile today. Barbxx

  3. The little girl is so cute and her costume delightful!
    Jo x

  4. Adorable postcard. Have a great week Soojay 8

  5. A beautiful little girl in costume. Have a great weekend. x Jo

  6. I was super impressed with the stamps you showed. Of course, that little adorable girl made me smile, because her's is so infectious. Have a great Friday and weekend.

  7. Hi Lisca,
    What a beautiful little girl and is very beautiful costume! What a fun project to be a part of. Thanks for sharing the stamps - as I really love to see all the different ones out there! I remove the stamps from all the snail mail that I receive.


  8. Hi Lisca, that is such a pretty girl and her national costume is lovely. The stamps are fascinating too. I heard that it has been extremely hot in Spain, quite the reverse of the cold wet weather we've been experiencing here in Scotland until today. I hope you are managing to stay cool. Elizabeth xx

  9. What an interesting hobby! I love the little girl with a big smile, and the stamps are lovely too. I enjoyed reading your blog. You live quite close to me. I am in Los Gallardos, a village on the Via de Mediterraneo, just a few minutes inland from Mojacar. I am also an active church member though a large group of us have just moved from an evangelical church to an Anglican one. I have met very few serious crafters out here, and there are no craft shops near us, so I buy all my supplies online. I noticed your blue/black bug from your July post, and I thought you might like to know it is a Carpenter Bee. They are big and noisy, but totally non aggressive, and I think they are beautiful. Kate x

    1. Thanks Kate for the info on that bug. I looked at carpenter bees on Google and it certainly looks like it is the one.
      We live in Caniles, near Baza, which is an hour and a half from you on one straight road via Albox. We spent a few days in Villaricos a fortnight ago with our campervan. (But it was very hot)
      There are no crafters at all here. I have held some craft workshops last year, which were well attended. I've started scrapbooking in A4 format with a few local ladies, but it's summer now so nothing until September. We must get together and do some crafting together. I so miss the crops I used to go to. I would learn new techniques from other girls and we would use each other's punches and dies and stamps etc. Each month there would be a workshop about something and sometimes there would be a 'shop' table where we could buy things. Now I have to get inspiration from You tube and buy online. Mi Tienda De Arte is quite good and they deliver the next day. That's where I buy most things but recently I got some stamps from Norway. And if I'm really desperate I'll order from the UK of course.
      Interesting that you moved from an evangelical church to an Anglican one. We have always been Anglican and now we find ourselves in an evangelical church as there is no other here. It doesn't really matter so much. We go to church to worship the Lord and for fellowship and teaching. The fellowship is great and the teaching is good too. (My hubby's Spanish is not very good so he just nods off...). We've been able to find most modern worship songs (like Hillsong) in Spanish and we have introduced quite a lot of new songs.
      Lisca x

  10. Happy Friday Lisca and hope now you are enjoying your weekend. Your postcards are really lovely and what interesting stamps...yes I guess they all impart some knowledge if we just took time to study them. Cheers Robyn

  11. A darling little postcard!

  12. Gorgeous postcard. I have a collection of dolls in national costume, collected since I was a child. I also have some postcards of national costume to, but not Latvian.