Friday 21 June 2024

A Postcard A Day - Friday 21 June 2024 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely peeps. 

I'm still on my travels and have run out of postcards to show you. Luckily I had this postcard image on my computer. It's a card I have sent to somebody so I'm not showing you a stamp

The card shows the eight provinces of Andalucia, which is an independent region with its own government. Every province is named for its capital city. I live in Granada province, but not in Granada city. Apart from Huelva and Cádiz, I have visited every province and every capital.

I'm still in Italy having a lovely time catching up with old friends. I plan to leave aerly on Sunday morning on the night train to Milan but I haven't been able to book my couchette online. It doesn't seem to work. Very frustrating. Most trains are reservation only. We'll see (But I'm not a 'happy bunny' at the mo).

I went to visit my old friend Carmelina the other day. She cooked lunch for me:
Pasta with home-made sauce. In Italy, the pasta dish is the first course. After that comes the meat (or cheese) and a side dish. In this case I didn't photograph the meat but I do want to show you the vegetable dish of aubergines (egg plant) with tomatoes and cheese in the oven:
In the afternoon we met up with another friend and we drove to the coast, to a place called San Vito.
That piece of coast is famous for its 'trabocchi', those fishing huts on stilts.

Wikipedia says: The Trabocchi Coast, which corresponds to the coastal stretch Adriatic of province of Chieti (Abruzzo), is a 70-kilometer coast from Ortona to San Salvo, in Italy. It comprises a number of coves and reefs below the hills that end at the Adriatic Sea marked by the spread of Trabucco – fishing machines on piles. Many of the towns on the Coast maintain their own characteristics and traditions.
In this area they are found all along the coastline.

This one is also in San Vito (photo from the Internet):

My son goes to work at 2 and comes home at 11 pm this week, so yesterday my DIL and I went for a walk and a drink in the main plaza of the town (Guardiagrele):
We had a drink, and surprisingly, we got tapas with our drinks!
I took another photo of the building opposite:
Not a very good photo. There is a large church on the left so I had to take the picture from an angle.

Here is a photo from the Internet. We were sat where the orange sunshades are, left of the church:

I hope you have all had a lot to smile about. I certainly had. As per usual, I will put some funnies at the end.

I have just removed a Fools and Horses funny about the word 'woke'. As I had no idea what it meant, it seemed funny to me. I have since learnt what it meant and have removed it. (Not funny).
Instead, let me add this sunset from my son's terrace:
Te Gran Sasso mountains in the distance and the foothillks of the Maiella in the forground.
Have a great weekend and...
Keep smiling!


Tuesday 18 June 2024

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 18 June 2024 - T for Pyramids, Beach and three Kings

 Hello lovely peeps,

Another Tuesday, another T-Party hosted by Elizabeth and Bluebeard.

Let me show you my postcard for today:

It comes from Mexico and it was bought for me by my friend Maggie, who was there. She also bought the stamp but couldn't find a postbox to send it, so it ended up in her suitcase and I received it in an envelope with an English stamp on it.

Monte Albán is one of the most important archaeological zones in Mesoamerica. 

An ancient Zapotec metropolis, the site was founded in the sixth century BCE overlooking the city of Oaxaca and functioned as their capital between 500 BCE and 800 CE. Its impressive architectural remains—including terraces, pyramids, and canals—extend over some four square miles (6.5 square kilometers), including structures built around the Great Plaza, the north and south ends of which are anchored by massive platform mounds. As the Zapotec culture declined in the fourteenth century, areas of Monte Albán were occupied by Mixtec peoples.
Panoramic showing a section of the North Platform in the foreground.

It all looks very interesting and enormous, I think. I'm thinking that we in Europe were running around like Fred Flintstone when they were building these amazing cities.

The stamp is a Christmas stamp showing a work of art with the three kings visiting the Christchild:

So what have I been up to? I'm still in Italy. I'm staying at my son's house. My room is top left, with the blinds shut.

(See also last Friday's blog). We went to the beach on Saturday. The first beach day of the summer. Schools have broken up and the season begins.

Below we are walking from the car park to the beach:
We had gotten up early to avoid most of the heat. The beach was recently 'raked' and we saw the shape of a heart. So sweet:

Our parasol was in the first row after the large palm frond ones.

My grandson had a new 'inner tube' to play with and I had a new swimsuit. I like it very much, it has little black shorts underneath and the top bit has a little skirt. Perfect to hide my protruding tummy.

They had made a sort of laguna with the stones. Very safe for small children:

There is a life guard. And below is his rescue catamaran:

At some point we went to the bar to have a coffee:

In Italy the espresso is very strong and very small. (Blink and you miss it!) It's one small gulp really, followed by a small glass of water.
This will be my ticket to the T-Party hosted by Elizabeth and Bluebeard. 

I'm going to leave it at that for today.
Happy T-Day all!


Friday 14 June 2024

Av Postcard A Day - Friday 14 June 2024 - Friday smiles

 Hello lovely girls,

Another opportunity to think back on all the smiles of this week. I'm in Italy, which I will tell you all about but first my postcard for today:
It's another maxi card from Aland. I wrote about maxi cards (and Aland) on Tuesday. This card, as well as the stamp were designed by Kjell Eckström.

The card features the veranda of a particular house in Eckerö. Here a real photo of it:
I've been told that it is the custom to paint the veranda in a different colour to the house.
And this is a photo I found on the Internet. It comes from Gullan Fagerströms' photo album:
Quite pretty I think.

The stamps are really beautiful:
Aland is an autonomous region and as such has their own stamps. 

So, Let me tell you about my smiles this week: I have traveled from the Netherlands to Italy. I went from Rotterdam to Utrecht (also in the Netherlands), from there on a fast train to Basel in Switzerland.
As you can see it was a fast train indeed. Trains nowadays are modern and comfortable. 
At Basel I had a little mishap. I got off at the wrong station. Apparently Basel has two stations BB and SBB. I got off at BB and needed to be at SBB, so I had to get a city bus (Which one? Where do I buy tickets) Anyway, I got to the station and had missed my connection to get to Bellinzona. I went to the information office and a kind gentleman planned a different route for me so I could get to Milan in time for my night train. He said, go to platform 10 as your train is about to leave. I must have looked a bit sheepish as he called: Run!! I did and I got there just in time.

Everything went to plan from there. I caught my night train, where I had booked a bed (couchette). I shared with two women and a 10 yr old girl. 

My son who is on night shift, was able to leave work early and he came to collect me at the station at 4:30 in the morning. 

I had bought some Dutch shirts for my son and grandson and they gladly posed on the terrace. Big smile there! (the shirts are for the European championship football/soccer).
Yes, my grandson has long hair. He has always had long hair (his choice). My DIL cooked a nice pasta dish. The view from the terrace is spectacular. (More smiles)

The village where my son lives is medieval and is still as I remember it from the time I lived there in the 70s and 80s.
It's called Guardiagrele and my son lives in the old centre (but in a more modern house).

The main street leading up to the square they call Il Piano:

There is also a medieval tower on the square and a children's play area.

I will probably post more photos later.

In the meantime enjoy your weekend, and keep smiling!