Wednesday 25 March 2015

WOYWW 303 - The Beatles, Marimekko and Banksy street art

The Beatles, Marimekko and Banksy street art

When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now.              Will you still be sending me a valentine, birthday greeting, bottle of wine?                                             
If I’d been out to a quarter to three, would you lock the door?       Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?

Who remembers this old Beatles song “When I’m sixty-four”? I certainly do and that gives away my age too.... Mmmm, Monday was my birthday.... and yes, you’ve guessed it: I’m now sixty four!

I’ve been ill in bed with a nasty flu all week but Monday I felt better and my lovely hubby took me out to lunch and generally spoilt me as only he can. I must have done too much, too early because yesterday I was back to square one! Feeling lousy and spending the day in the recliner in front of the fire. Needless to say my desk is a non starter. So this is what my desk looks like:

I'm in the process of making a scrapbook page for the CSI challenge but the way I'm feeling now I won't get it done before the deadline tomorrow...

Yesterday I have been making some backgrounds by tearing napkins and sticking them with ModPodge. Here is a bright one I did with a Marimekko design my D-I-L gave me (Marimekko is from Finland).

This is one I did with a napkin that has been on the bottom of my bag for a while. I love the colors. (It's the one on my desk)

Sorry for the bad quality photos. I didn't have my camera at hand, so I used my tablet. 

I received ten postcards this week through and my favorite is this one, sent to me from Germany.

It is street art by grafitty artist Banksy from Bristol. I have lived in Bristol (UK) for 22 years and have grown to love the quirky and sometimes disturbing art in the city. This particular painting is not in Bristol but in New Orleans of all places. Still, the Banksy style is very recognisable.

If you are wondering what WOYWW stands for: it means What’s on your workdesk Wednesday. We all do a bit of desk hopping to see each other’s desks and be inspired by other people’s projects, get ideas, and make friends. It’s great fun! Go to Julia’s blog if you want to know more:

That’s it folks. I’m going back to my recliner and I’ll try and visit as many as I can on my tablet from the comfort of my chair. Have a good week all of you!


Wednesday 18 March 2015

WOYWW 302,(wax papers, turbans and cork screws...)

Hello deskhoppers! 

It’s Wednesday again and I’m back home again after a week in snowy Italy (see yesterday’s post with photos).

My desk is an enormous mess and I have no project underway really.

The circles in the foreground are circles cut out of wax papers used for my little burger press. I couldn’t get the right size and got the quarterpounder size, then got my Sizzix Framelet circles and cut them to size! What’s left are the circles which I will use for something... we crafters don’t throw anything away!

Then there is a postcard with lots of fruit on it. Another of my postcrossing cards. (
 One of many that I received with lots of items in a row. They were made popular by Atelier Nouvelles Images. I have quite a collection of this type of cards (with lots of items on them). Here is another one.

By my phone are two little gauze bags. They were filled with little sweets and were handed out together with the photo frame with baby picture at the baptism of my little grandson. Here is a (bad quality) photo of us girls putting these little presents together at the kitchen table. I had made cards which were a success (Phew!) (see WOYWW 300 for picture of card).

Back to my desk: There is a photo of little cutie and also a photo book of my son’s wedding (a few years ago) that they had made for us.

On the computer is a sewing magazine and a tape measure. The magazine is in Spanish and I was checking out my size before attempting to sew something. Some of you bloghoppers are great seamstresses (is that what you call someone who sews?) and I was inspired to start sewing again. Hey Ho!

Yes, I find other people’s desks inspiring. So when I get back from the gym I will attempt to visit as many desks as I can and say hello (unfortunately hopping desks doesn't get my step count up, so I go to the gym first! lol!)

Have a good week all of you!


Tuesday 17 March 2015

Italy, a cute baby and lots of snow!

Trip to Italy with nothing but snow!

We’ve just come back from an exciting week in Italy. We went to see our little grandson, who is now 4 months old. He was being baptised so we travelled there for the occasion.

It was a long journey: a long bus ride from Baza to Malaga (4 hours), then a two and a half hour flight to Rome. From Rome another 3 hour bus ride to Chieti, only it took us 5 hours because of the snow. It was snowing heavily and the bus almost didn’t make it, but they have special tires and with much delay we finally arrived at midnight. My son came to pick us up in a 4x4. That was another arduous journey and we made it to the outskirts of town from where we had to walk (with suitcases) through the snow to the house as the streets were not accessible.

 Here is a photo of me looking out of the window of the house we were staying in, and another snow photo. I know that my Canadian friends will laugh at this but we live in sunny Spain and are not used to this amount of snow.

Meeting my grandson was a delight! He is a cheeky chappie, all smiles.

I had bought a nice outfit for the baptism with high heeled shoes, but what I eventually wore were a jumper, trousers and boots (because of the snow).

The baptism was on the 8th of March, which also is International Women’s Day. The restaurant where we went for dinner after church, had vases of mimosa on every table. Mimosa being (in Italy at least) the symbol of women’s day. I remember always buying a twig of mimosa for my girl friends on that day.

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See you soon and God bless!


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Wednesday 11 March 2015

WOYWW 301 babies and snow in Italy

Here a quick post  from Italy. I've  come  to see my 4 month old grandson. Isn't  he gorgeous!
I dont know how to use my tablet. And this photo and one seentence has taken me more than an hour.
There is no desk to show, only mountains of snow.
See you all next week

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Ta-Da! WOYWW 300! and flying off to Italy tomorrow!

Tada! WOYWW 300!... And I’m flying off to Italy tomorrow!

Congratulations Julie on the 300th WOYWW! This is quite an achievement! I’ve only been part of this for the last 25 weeks but let me tell you it’s addictive!

This is my desk this week:

I’ve finished making the cards for my D-I-L, which you can see on the left. She wanted 15 but I made a few more. I will take them with me to Italy tomorrow. They don’t ‘do’ cards in Italy so this is a novelty for them. Here is a close-up:

I’ve also done a background in my journal after seeing a video tutorial by Jennifer McGuire called Easy Distress Ink Watercolor Backgrounds (With Iron-Off Embossing)

 ( I was pleased with the result. I now wish I had more distress inks but I only have 4 colors. I didn’t iron off the embossing as I quite like the shiny effect. Again, here is a close-up:

My desk of WOYWW 298 had the beginnings of a scrapbook page with photos of my dad from 1955. For those who’d like to see the finished page... here it is:

See yesterday’s blogpost for more details and better photos.

Last but not least I want to show you the material I bought the other day for a table cloth for my mother. I chose a motif to embroider and I am in the process of copying/tracing the pattern onto the material. I am in a local ladies’ group where I can learn how to embroider as I have only ever done cross stitches. Watch-this-space as they say.

Tomorrow we are flying to Italy to see our new grandson (who is now 3 months old). So I won’t be able to comment much with a baby on my lap! (besides, I haven’t got a fancy phone that does internet). And next Wednesday there won’t be a photo of my desk of course as I won’t be back yet. But I just might be able to upload a photo of the above mentioned little chappie....

If you’ve been wondering what WOYWW (Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday) is all about have a look at Julie’s website .

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Tuesday 3 March 2015

Maico Mobil - scrapbook page

Maico Mobil 
Here is a blog post about the latest scrapbook page I made.

I found these awesome pictures of my parents and our beloved motorbike, the Maico Mobil, taken in 1955. 

The German factories that had been making military motorbikes during WW2, were now producing motorbikes designed for comfort. This Maico Mobil was unique in that respect and my dad loved it. He rode it for many years and I, when I was a child, would ride with him. Happy days!
This is my dad on the (then) new enclosure dam of the Zuider Zee, called the Afsluitdijk. 

This is mum posing.

I made this layout for the CSI challenge (Colors, stories and inspiration  )

Their ‘Case File’ 155 had a certain color palette, a sketch and some other guidelines that I followed to make this page.

The journaling reads:

“My dad had an interesting scooter in the fifties. It was called Maico Mobil. I have happy memories as a child, sitting very comfortably on the shaft in front of my dad.  Here are some photos taken during a holiday in Germany in 1955. (Note the empty motorway!) Top right is my mum, just posing, as she was always the passenger.” 

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