Wednesday, 29 July 2015

WOYWW 321 beach, envelopes and creepy crawly

Hi deskers,

It's good to be back. We've been on holiday for a few days last week to the coast. (we must be mad! There's a heatwave here!) My hubby fancied a dip in the sea (turned out to be bath water temperature!)
We know a little beach where we can park right at the beach.
As you can see, it's not very busy.

But you're here to see my desk:
I've finally started scrapbooking again! I have a deadline to do a scrapbook for my grandson's 10th birthday in October.
I'm also participating in a envelope exchange so I've been decorating envelopes. In fact I made my own out of 12 x 12 paper and then doodled/zentangled the shapes.
Here is a close up of the envelopes ready to send:
Now to finish off another creepy crawly (look away if you're squeamish)
I found this dead chappie outside on the terrace lying on its back. What a beauty! Again, I have no idea what it is, but it's impressive.

That's it from me today. I'll try to visit as many people as I can. If you're reading this and don't know what I'm on about, go to Julia's blog where it is all explained:

Have a great week everyone,



  1. OOh Lisa that bug looks horrible! I love your entangled envelopes and know how hard they are to do. My eyes went cross eyed when I had a go! Well done you!
    Lynda B 19

  2. I guess I have to take the good with the bad at yours today Lisca. The beach looks very inviting but your insect makes my skin's not so much the body but the long legs and those feelers!!!!! Arghhhhh.
    Your envelopes are really pretty....clever you.
    Annie x # 22

  3. That bug is AMAZING! Love his long horns? Feelers? Shame he was dead. Or maybe not!!! And good on you making your own envelopes...they look brill! So glad you're back scrapping again...AND it was lovely to see an empty beach.....not common at this time of year, I bet!!!

  4. Hi Lisca, ooooh that just looks divine to be parked up that close to the beach, taking a dip even if it is warm would be magic. Your envelopes are clever. Enjoy your week and thanks for dropping by my desk. RobynO#15

  5. Lisca, what a wonderful beach. I envy you! I love to be at the beach and just wander around collecting all kinds of stuff.
    That beetle should belong to the family of Chrysomeloidea, some of them are these wood eating bugs.
    Your envelopes are beautiful!
    Have a wonderful time and thanks for your earlier visit!
    Gabriele 12

  6. Hi Lisca, that beach looks great! Love the zentangle doodling on the envelopes - this is very popular at the mo isn't it? Not sdure I have the patience. Happy WOYWW Cindy #36

  7. Wow... what a great pic of you on the beach with camper. Those envelopes look truly amazing. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @37

  8. Welcome back. You look very happy on that beach. Your zentangling looks great. I love that bright green one. Have a lovely week. Barb#33 xx

  9. Wonderful envelopes there, Lisca surely such a lot of work in each of them, they will be a delight to receive.

    Mm the bug you can keep we have quite enough here, my bad one this week was a huge spider in my soil in my barrow, nearly put my hand on it..
    As thought it was dead but it was not, they are poisonous ones ...
    Not all are, but this fellow was, I squashed with my foot, him so did not photograph him.
    Shaz inOz,x #6

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  10. do know that I love the beach, don't you. Great photo. I wish I could camp on the beach like that.

  11. OO lovely beach - those envies look fab. Good luck with the scrapbooking ( i haven't done any for a while) . Is the bug thing still alive?? Yuk!!
    Have a great week and thanks for your visit earlier. soojay 27

  12. That beach is calling me. Lovely envelopes. I have a grandson who will be turning 10 too. My mom collected bugs so they don't much bother me. I still don't like spiders though. She taught me how to mount specimens and frame. Creeps a lot of people out. Thanks for the visit. Peg R 23

  13. I'm really at awe with your tangles, such a great idea to add a personal finishing touch to the paper! I would have imagined the sea out there would be so big the temp wouldn't rise so much... but I imagine you've had a heatwave for ages out there:)
    Happy woyww!
    Kristiina #17

  14. Sorry everybody but I love the Bug! He would make a great design for a stamp.
    I should keep quiet about the beach or they will all want to visit! It looks gorgeous and so peaceful. Thanks for the visit to mine and wishing you a great week and happy woyww, Angela x 29

    1. You might have noticed I have not devulged where exactly it is.... I want to keep this one a secret....

  15. I think the bug is amazing too! Isn't nature wonderful :-)
    Those envelopes are gorgeous, I love the colours and patterns. You are clever!!
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xx

  16. Those envelopes look beautiful . Not sure about that creepy crawly though.

  17. Envelopes are so bright & cheerful . Letterboxing is the same as Geocaching really from what I can make out . happy woyww Jill #11

  18. Hi Lisca, that is indeed an impressive bug! Love the beach shot, how lovely that it's so quiet. We can only hope for a heatwave over here- we're more likely to need an ark though! Your envelopes are gorgeous, love the colours and your doodling. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xx

  19. Oh, my Grandson would know what that bug thing is! :) I don't. Your envelopes are amazing! Your the second one on WOYWW to be making envelopes this time around. I will have to do it! I am glad you are back to scrapping. I love to do it! Thank you for stopping by earlier. #18

  20. Lisca, Shame the sea couldn't cool you down.

    Should think that poor insect died of the heat.

    I really must get back into Scrapbooking. Got an album started of my older Greyhound and want to get one started for my new girl.

    I adore the envelopes, but here they don't like envelopes with anything other than the address and stamp. Don't think there's any hard and fast rule, but I have had things returned to me because they reckoned the address wasn't prominent due to other things on the envelope.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #38

  21. Wow, you couldn't get any closer to the beach than that could you? How fabulous. Water like bath water would do my mom just fine as she grew up in Mozambique and that is what it was... she won't get into a pool here even in mid summer when we fry cos the water is not warm enough. I hate it too hot as it does not cool you down! #45

  22. Ooh, that bug is gorgeous and would go perfectly in my collection of dead creepy crawlies - I wish we had his relatives over here in the UK! The envelopes are beautiful, as is your zentangling - how wonderful to receive an envelope like that in the post. Hope you have a great week and get to cool down slightly (although not as cool as us in our wintery/summery weather over here!).
    Diana #49

  23. what a lovely spot to park up and enjoy the beach! I did speed by the creepy crawly though, please don't!! Your envelopes are fabulous. Helen 5

  24. I'm not surprised that poor bug met his maker after trying to carry that huge nutshell! I love the idea of the envelope exchange. I've never participated in anything like that but love the idea of receiving marvellous works of art in the post with stamps from across the world. How exciting. Yours are fab so I bet the recipients will be over the moon when they drop through their letter box...assuming your little six-legged friends haven't jumped inside the envelope for an adventure too!! Happy crafting :-)

  25. What an amazing place to park your RV!! I would be hard pressed to be inside and any length of time other than to sleep. Hope you get your scrapbook completed in time and your envies are fabulous! Thanks for stopping by and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #39

  26. Love your zentangle designs but less keen on that enormous beetle! Hope the scrapping project goes well! Thanks for your visit earlier Ali #12

  27. Your tangling worked beautifully in your patterned paper, so I'll need to remember that idea. We haven't been to the beach in a couple of years, so I'm a little jealous, even if you were experiencing warm weather. Have fun working on your grandson's scrapbook and Blessings!

  28. I would love to be at the beach but it is definitely not beach weather here! Yours looks fab. Bug made me shudder a bit :-) Anne x #41

  29. Not keen on the bug but your trip to the sea sounds fabulous. We are visiting Nerja again - hope it is lovely and warm when we go in September.
    Thos envelopes look so professional, I would never have thought you drew the papers. Well done!
    Hugs, & Thanks for your earlier visit to me - Neet 25 xx

  30. Love seeing your desk and might rather be packed at the shore!
    thanks for visiting- hope you get some dies- Elizabeth Craft Designs and Quietfire will ship world wide and show me your creations!
    Robyn 3

  31. Love your envelopes, I'm almost done, posting deadline tomorrow. Bugs look ok on screen, not up live
    Bridget #1

  32. oooh camping right on the beach is AMAZING. :) the envelopes look like a lot of fun too. thanks for the earlier visit ~Stacy #48

  33. What a beautiful beach. I assume your desk is inside your camper. My husband keeps saying - we're going off the grid and we're going to get a camper and travel. I tell him - as long as there is room for my craft stuff. ;-)
    April #54

  34. ooo what a lovely beach, im not keen on sand or sea but i do like walking by the coast spesh when it is nice and quiet. nice busy desk but that bug looks horrible lol
    happy woyww
    charlie :) #20

  35. The beach looks lovely, despite the heat. I love the looks of your envelopes, what a great swap idea. Thanks for stopping by! Happy WOYWW.
    -K #46

  36. How fab to be able to park on the beach! I would never want to leave! Was it any cooler on the coast I wonder?
    You're going to be scrapping up a storm, I find doing albums as gifts or with other people's photos is so much easier and quicker than doing stuff for myself...can't explain why!

  37. That is an impressive bug! And quite large. It looks like your vacation to the beach was fun if not hot. I think bathwater temp water sounds great! Okay, it would be a little weird since it isn't actually a bath. I adore your envelopes that you zentangled up. They look fabulous! Thx for the visit earlier. I'm running behind with visits this week. Judy #50

  38. I am late getting around, but I love being by the water and that is where we just came from, a week near a lake and all the fun the town creates for summertime enjoyment. I just saw the envelope exchange, sounds like a fun thing. And I like what you have done with yours.
    I've seen similar bugs here, but not sure of the name, sort of like a cockroach.
    Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend.

  39. How lovely being able to park right on the beach! Looks fabulous!
    I like that you zentangled your own paper. Someone mentioned making their own envelopes out of (old) calendar pages. I thought that was a good idea too.
    I will use the simplest pattern for that 2ply knitting I am hoping to start soon, probably only a 2 row pattern :)
    Thanks for dropping by, I am late again as usual. Work gets in the way :)

  40. Wow Lisca so lucky with an empty beach.
    Those envelopes look fab.
    Thank you for visiting :) #30

  41. That is a great way to use up paper we no longer use for envelops have fun at the beach hugs Nikki 8

  42. Urggggh to the bug but your envelopes are really lovely - what patience you have. Looks like you had a lovely time away