Saturday, 25 July 2015

A Postcard a Day - 25 July 2015 The Stars light up

Hi peeps,

This is a very nice card I received from Novgorod in Russia a little while ago. It is oil on canvas by Anna Silvonchik, called 'The stars light up' (2012). I really like it. It's subject matter is traditional but the artwork is quite modern.

It was sent to me by Anastasia, who says she loves Spain. She had been here on holiday twice and likes it very much. At the same time she invites me and my family to come to Russia! That is very kind.

The stamps are very unusual. There is a triangular stamp! Have a look at this:
The one on the left I found on a philately website and it was described as 'My first step for the Einem biscuit'. A vintage poster advertising biscuits. Here is the original poster from 1900 by an unknown artist in czarist Russia:

The triangular one is my favorite and was once part of four stamps together showing shawls (Arts and crafts of Russia series 2013). This is what I found on the website:

Beautiful isn't it!

That's all folks,

More tomorrow,

God bless!


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