Thursday 23 July 2015

A Postcard a day -23 July 2015 A bit of ice during this hot summer

Hi folks, 
I'm back from my mini hols. Just three days at the beach to relax and do absolutely nothing but read or drink or do a puzzle. Go for a swim or go out for dinner... It was lovely but sooo hot!

So the card I decided to show you to day has ice in it! 

It comes from Russia and was sent by Natalya in Moscow. I have no information about the ship... is it an icebreaker? I'd love to know. It looks like it has an office block planted on it...

Natalya mentions that she is a reading addict and especially likes Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

The stamps are lovely as you can see. And again I can't read Russian so I don't know which church and church bells these are. The other one is a character called Zaya the doe hare, a mascot of the Sochi winter Olympic games.

Well, this has suitably cooled me down...

See y'all tomorrow!


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