Thursday, 16 July 2015

A Postcard a Day - 16 July my fav card from China

Hi peeps,

A couple of days ago I received the best card ever! It is a map card (which I love) and it came all the way from China. It looks like this:
Inside the map are the names of major Chinese cities, and around the map are the words 'hello' in different languages. 

The card was sent by Miko (an 18 yr old girl), who lives in a city called Dalian (formerly know as Port Arthur). 

Doesn't she have beautiful handwriting. (and that for a person not used to western script)

She put a little star on the map on the back to indicate where Dalian is (just as well as I didn't know where it was...)

According to the stamp that reads: 'SURFACE', I assume this card came by surface mail. It took a month to get to me. Not bad!

Apart from decorating the card with washi tape and stickers, Miko has also written my name in Chinese characters.
That is so cool!

The stamps are amazing:
A beautiful falcon and another ship. (I got a ship stamp from someone not long ago).

I love this card!

Tomorrow I will show you another one.

CU then,



  1. Lisca, this is fascinating! You have certainly had some amazing postcards and must now have quite a collection. This is one of a kind! The stamps are beautiful too, and as you say, her western-script hand writing is excellent. Can you now write your name in Chinese lol!! I was amused to see that "Shalom" (Hebrew for hello - or literally, "peace" - how nice to say "peace" to people when you mean hello!!) was written from left to right instead of the correct way which is right to left - but I think we can forgive the Chinese for that lol! Port Arthur in former Manchuria has a pretty stormy history, with a significant pre-figuring of Pearl Harbour when the Japanese attacked the Russian naval base there in the early years of the 20th century. I've just been reading about this, funnily enough! Nice to place it on the map.

    Thanks for your lovely comment - glad you enjoyed my desk(s) this week. The brainless knitting will be given away to a fellow chemolite. I am hoping to get several more made but they do take time!

    Keep sharing the postcards. They are great!


  2. What detail from a 16 year old, I hope someone will write my name in Chinese. I never knew that was the shape of China as it is joined by many countries around it