Monday, 13 July 2015

A Postcard a Day - Books and Belarusian cartoons-13 July 2015

Hello peeps,
Happy Monday!

Today another card with books on it. (Postcards with books on them are on my wish list in my profile on Postcrossing.) So it was really nice of Lena to send me this card. Lena lives in Belarus in the city of Minsk.
The artist of the painting is  printed on the back but it is in Russian letters so I can't read it.
To me the books look a bit like old Reader's Digest collections of abridged books that people used to buy or got sent. Don't you think so?

The stamp is especially gorgeous. 

It is a stamp from 2013 and is from a series of cartoons. This one is from an animated cartoon called Pilipka, which won several international awards. It's based on a fairy tale about a little boy Pilipka and a big bad witch Baba Yaga.

Lena wishes me a life full of miracles and happiness! Well with the Lord Jesus Christ in  my life I certainly have that!

Have a good day and CU tomorrow,


  1. You do find some wonderful things to photograph to share with us, Lisca! Absolutely gorgeous. The picture is lovely with the nice cup of tea! My hubby has a whole library of those RD books and they do look very nice with their matching bindings. The stamp is most unusual too.

    Thank you for your lovely comment, and yes, Marlene loved it! We've got a bit of a thing going between us with a sea theme - I have had a seahorse ATC and a beautiful mermaid card and I sent her a seahorse ATC and this! The sea and marine life is one of my favourite themes - God's creation is so incredibly diverse and extraordinary beneath the waves! I think you will enjoy the water droplets stamp once you get it - she's introduced some more on the same theme but this is the only one I have so far. Ahhh... the budget! I have spent rather a lot recently on new equipment and stash but I'm justifying it with the excuse that I need cheering up during my chemo lol!! Managed to do a bit more today but it's very slow. I've also revived Inkscape and am doing some drawing on there, for cutting once I get my machine going again.


  2. Those books definitely look like Readers Digest indeed. Love those old looking books. This blog post qualifies to be entered into Elizabeth and Bluebeards T for Tuesday