Sunday, 12 July 2015

A Postcard a Day - 12 July 2015, Zeeland National costumes

Good morning,

Today I want to show you a typical Dutch card with national costumes. I received it last month from Berlin (short for Berlinda). She lives in the south west part of the Netherlands called Zeeland. (Here in the dark blue colour).

(I’m pretty sure New Zealand was named after this province).

Zeeland has a large variety of national costumes as the province was made up out of islands. 
(The above card I got off the internet to show you what Zeeland looks like.)

Nowadays there are dykes everywhere connecting all the islands. The dyke project (called Delta plan) was started after Zeeland flooded in 1953. It is now complete and is a feat of engineering.

This is Berlin's card. I hope you can see the pictures of the costumes as the pictures are tiny. They are numbered from left to right: 1 and 2 are Arnemuiden, 3. Axel, 4. Cadzand, 5. Nieuw en St Joostland, 6 & 7 Walcheren, 8 & 9.Protestant Zuid Beveland.

The headdress is made of ‘broderie anglaise' and is starched and folded and then pinned over a little cap. The front of the hair get combed over to finish it off.

Here is a short video of a woman (from Arnemuiden I believe) folding her headdress. It is in Dutch but the pictures are self explanatory. The ‘rag’ on the table is a headdress as it comes out of the wash, unstarched. 

The stamp shows young king Willem Alexander. (Don't know what happened to his mouth...)

That is my contribution for today,
CU tomorrow,


  1. Interesting video. Would love to have seen her put it all together on a model. Thanks for sharing the info and history. I'm a history buff.

  2. Yes, you were right!
    Abel Tasman, die als een van de eerste Europeanen Nieuw-Zeeland aanschouwde, noemde het 'Stateland', in de veronderstelling dat het verbonden was met het Stateneiland van Zuid-Amerika. Nadat Hendrik Brouwer in 1643 bewees dat dit niet het geval was, werd de naam door Hollandse cartografen veranderd in 'Nova Zeelandia', naar de Nederlandse provincie Zeeland. De Britse luitenant James Cook vertaalde dit op zijn beurt naar New Zealand. (

    1. Wat interessant! Bedankt Bernardine! Ik zal proberen het in het Engels te vertalen....

  3. Bernardine has added an interesting comment , saying I was right in thinking New Zealand was named after Zeeland. As it is in Dutch, here is a rough translation:
    Dutch explorer Abel Tasman sighted New Zealand in 1642 and called it Staten Landt, supposing it was connected to a landmass of the same name at the southern tip of South America. Hendrik Brouwer proved in 1643 that that was not the case. In 1645 Dutch cartographers renamed the land Nova Zeelandia after the Dutch province of Zeeland.British explorer James Cook subsequently anglicised the name to New Zealand.