Thursday, 2 July 2015

A postcard a day - my first post

Hi, I'm joining Bridget in Australia. She has started A Postcard A Day blog (
And as I receive many postcards (because I do Postcrossing, I thought I'd join.

My postcard for today is also a map card. I love maps and have put in my profile that I do, so people often send me one. 

This is a card from Belarus, a country that I had to look up, as it was part of the Soviet Union when I went to school.

The pictures are all about architecture. 
The picture in the middle is: Residential and cultural complex of the Radziwill Family in Nesvizh.
The top picture is: St Barbara's church in Vitebsk.
The picture on the right: The town hall of Mahilyou.
Bottom right:Palace and park ensemble in Homel.
Bottom left: Kosava Castle.
Left:Mir Castle complex.

I looks like this last castle is also on the stamps....

Bye for now'
CU tomorrow,


  1. That's an awesome postcard, Lisca. I want to join in too, but I won't have a chance to do so until next week. Babysitting the grandkids, spending some time at the cottage with them and their Mom, but it sounds like fun and I intend to participate to a degree.

    1. Thats great Nannie. Looking forward to seeing you here showing your cards.
      Have fun with the grandies.

  2. Now thats a different mapcard, I love it and look at those stamps...okay I am drooling over my hotcakes lol