Sunday, 26 July 2015

A postcard a day - 26 July 2015 Sunday - church day

Good morning, 
It's Sunday today and in a little while we will be going to church. We attend an evangelical church which holds its meetings in a former car show room. Other places in the world have different church buildings. 

This card is an example. Its the Holy Spirit Church in Potelych in the Ukraine.
 I think it's beautiful. Nina from Kiev sent me this one. She also put some gorgeous stamps on the card:
The top right hand stamp is about the 125th Anniversary of Chernivtsi General Post Office.
I've not been able to find much info about the bottom stamps with the leaves, but the stamp with the bagel is from a sheet of four:
I love the embroidered back grounds and it makes me hungry just looking at those lovely breads! Yummm!

Have a blessed Sunday,

see y'all tomorrow,



  1. Love it! Love looking at different churches around the world....not sure I'd enjoy looking at a car showroom church, though! Quite a few meet in schools over here, before they get the funds to build their own place:) That works well!! Anyways. It's not the place, it's the purpose,eh?? Hope you've had a lovely Sunday:)

  2. What an unusual church, the horse matches the colour of the church as well. the stamps as usual are to die for. I will be scanning today or tomorrow and playing catch up with my card a day lol

    1. Is this you Bridget? Using Michael's computer?

    2. oh dear hubby must have been signed into my computer and I didnt realise I had commented as him LOL..yes Is me and he stole my computer