Monday, 27 July 2015

A Postcard a day 27 July 2015 Women of fashion 1908

Good morning girls and boys!

In my postcrossing profile I mention that I love black and white post cards and one of my favorites is this one from Russia:
It is called St Petersburg women of fashion 1908-09. I believe it is a print of an old photo. But look at the lady doing up her boot laces.... Is she wearing trousers? Did ladies wear trousers around 1900? Hmmm... I must research that.

The card was sent to me by Maria, who was born and bred in St Petersburg. She likes cooking and reading but her speciality is forest engineering (!).

One stamp was so huge there was no room for the other two smaller stamps. They just got stuck on one on top of the other!
The medal on the large stamp is the decoration of the order of Aleksander Nevsky.
  1. (Saint Alexander Nevsky, Russian Aleksandr Nevsky, original name Aleksandr Yaroslavich   (born c. 1220—died Nov. 14, 1263; canonized in Russian Church 1547;  prince of Novgorod (1236–52) and of Kiev (1246–52) and grand prince of Vladimir (1252–63), who halted the eastward drive of the Germans and Swedes but collaborated with the Mongols in imposing their rule on Russia. By defeating a Swedish invasion force at the confluence of the Rivers Izhora and Neva (1240), he won the name Nevsky, “of the Neva.”)

On 21 May 1725, the empress Catherine I introduced the Imperial Order of St. Alexander Nevsky as one of the highestdecorations in the land
The smaller one is of an animal series and this is a fox.

That's the end of our little trip to Russia.

Have a good day and I'll be here again tomorrow,


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  1. Did you know only 3 of us in postcrossing that I know does writeups about our postcards, everyone else just posts the cards up. I'm getting to like black and white too but havent received many BW. I love their stamps, so beautiful, ours are getting boring