Friday, 17 July 2015

A Postcard a day - 17 July 2015 - Books....

Hi folks,

Books, books, books, books..... I love books! And I have mentioned that in my profile for Postcrossing so that people sending me a card know that I would appreciate any card about books.

Here are two cards that I like very much:

This one is from Canada and was sent by Shelley, a primary school teacher. She decorated the card with washi tape and put a typical Canadian stamp on it: a moose.

The second one I want to show you is similar, and was sent to me from the Netherlands. As I come from the Netherlands myself, the sender Marijn, who works as a journalist in Utrecht, could write in Dutch.

The stamps are stunning! 

The one on the right is about mushrooms. The two middle ones are 'children's stamps'. People pay an added value which goes to charity. These stamps are from 2004 but obviously still valid, as this card was only sent to me months ago. I don't know anything about the stamp on the left, but it looks like the normal 30 euro cent stamp.

I hope you enjoyed these dusty old books!

I'll show you another card tomorrow,

CU then,



  1. I am beginning to like book postcards thanks to you. My husband has some gorgeous leather bound old books, I should photograph them and make them into postcards and send you it lol

  2. Thank you, Lisca, for featuring the card I sent you. And also for alerting me to this blog post! I have a confession: Back in the days before internet and computers, I was a letter-writer. I loved corresponding with friends and family from far away and LOVED beautiful cards and stationery. Even after I got into email, I would continue to buy lovely cards or boxed stationery. But sadly, people just don't write letters that way any more. I still do use cards to send thank you notes or birthday cards but really, what to do with so much stationery?
    So, I tried to get creative. Thanks to postcrossing, I sometimes cut the back off cards and turn the front (picture) into a postcard. It's good recycling (I do this with Christmas cards, too) but it also makes me happy to use cards and pictures of beauty instead of generic local postcards, sometimes, especially when I know I can match a person's wishlist. This book card was just such an inspiration. Interestingly, I have seen this one (and it's partner card; the box had 2 designs) on several postcrossers' walls of cards. Apparently, I am not the only one with that idea! :-)

    Shelley (aka alterego on postcrossing, jessibud on Live Journal)

    1. Gosh, I never realized it was originally a folded card. Good idea.
      I notice you connected through Live Journal. Now I had to Google that as I hadn't heard of it. Do you have a blog on there?

  3. Well, I use Live Journal more as a journal type of format. I have no idea about *blogging* really. I use it to do book reviews of books I've read that have made an impression on me, or just as a way of commenting on day to day events. When I first joined, several years ago, at the insistence of some online friends, I posted much more frequently. Nowadays, most people have migrated over to facebook(and I haven't) so there are only a few of my original circle left for me to interact with at LJ. I also have my privacy settings set to *friends only* so that my actual journal is not public. I have to physically *friend* someone in order for them to be able to read my journal. Not that I ever post anything truly *personal* but still.