Friday, 10 July 2015

A Postcard a day - 10 July '15 - Anne Geddes

Hi peeps,

I have a preference for black and white postcards. Black and white to me means that the photography is excellent. I myself am not a very good photographer so I love to see a really good photo. Not just technically but in its subject matter too.

In Italy I came across a female photographer who specializes in photographing babies: Anne Geddes. Some photos are funny like babies hanging in cans on a washing line or dressed up as flowers. 

But others are serious and beautiful, like this one:

The Anne Geddes postcard I have sent this week to Domenica in Germany is the one below:

It is my favorite. It tugs several of my strings. First of all it touches on my mother instincts. Such a gorgeous tiny, helpless baby!

But it also touches on my spiritual side. What a beautiful miracle of creation! I’m a Christian and I believe we were created by God. Every new baby is another little miracle. Look at those large hands gently holding and protecting the tiny baby...I imagine the love of the Lord being like this.... loving me and giving me shelter and protection. It really moves me.

I bought several of these and this is my last one. I hope Domenica likes it.
I hope you like it too and I’d like to know if it stirs something in you. And if so, which/what emotion...

Bye for now,
CU tomorrow,



  1. Ah we have Anne Gedded here too Lisca, and yes agree with you her images are really wonderful indeed.
    Great thing to share, Gods creation really catches your breath away at times,
    Shaz in Oz.x

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful Anne Geddes pics with us, Lisca. The only one I've seen before is the sunflower one - I love the babies in the cans on the line! So cute. I so agree with you about the Lord being our Creator, and every baby being a miracle! I remember one Christmas meditating on the Incarnation, and realising that the moment of the miracle wasn't the birth, but the conception, when "all the fulness of the Godhead bodily" was contained in a single cell... That thought blew me away! So tiny, so vulnerable... Truly we are "knit together in our mother's womb" and every baby is precious, whether or not they are yet born.

    Thank you for your return visit! I'm afraid you are mistaken about my Funny Stuff - nothing to do with angels lol!! - although you've given me an idea! After the weekend when I hear from my friend that she's received her card, all will be revealed!

    I am feeling a bit better today, thank goodness. Long may it last, because I'd love to achieve something in the next fortnight, before Round 4. It certainly does knock the stuffing out of one.


  3. I have not seen an Anne Geddes postcard to purchase, I am not an online shopper. I love her photographs, I once read how she does them and it is incredible what she goes through to make them

    1. I bought them in Italy, in the town where I used to live (and where my son and his family still live) an the local tobacconist. But I'm sure you can get them online. I don't usually buy online but if I didn't buy postcards online I would have non to send.... They don't sell postcards here, only in tourist areas.