Friday, 3 July 2015

A Postcard a Day - Year of the goat

This week I got an interesting card from Australia. It was depicting The Year of the Goat 2015.

According to Chinese astrology  each year (starting with Chinese New Year) is associated with an animal sign. 2015 Is the year of the goat.
It came with a matching stamp from the Christmas Islands. Don, who wrote me the card, writes: "Christmas Island is a 135 sq km Australian island territory in the Indian Ocean. Its 2072 population comprises 70% Chinese, 20% European and 10% Malay, all of whom are Australian citizens. Because of Christmas Island's geographical isolation and its history of minimal human intervention, its flora and fauna are of special interest to scientists and naturalists. Phosphate has been mined on Christmas Island for many years."
Isn't that interesting?
CU tomorrow!


  1. I think I have swapped privately with Don, he has a lot of cards that are amazing. Never knew phosphate was mined there, see it took a postcard to give me geography lessons lol. Thanks for playing in todays PCAD

  2. Great post - enjoyed reading it ! Thanks for visiting ! Ali #11