Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Postcard a Day - 18 July 2015 - Taiwan

Hi peeps, how are you all this morning?

I have another postcard to share with you this morning. I got it this week from Taiwan (formerly Formosa). Anna sent it to me and I like it very much. It looks like a water colour painting but I'm not sure if it really is a painting or a 'photoshopped' photo. Whichever is the case, it is very beautiful. Anna writes that this is the Museum of Taiwan Literature.

The stamps are also very beautiful:

The flowers on the left are Rhodomyrtus tomontosa 
  1. (Rhodomyrtus tomentosa also known as Downy Rose Myrtle is a flowering plant in the family Myrtaceae, native to southern and southeastern Asia, from India, east to southern China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines, and south to Malaysia and Sulawesi. Wikipedia)
 and on the right Lantana camara. (Lantana camara, also known as big sage, wild sage, red sage, white sage and tickberry, is a species of flowering plant within the verbena family, Verbenaceae, that is native to the American tropics. Wikipedia)

So thank you Anna for a lovely card this week.

Tomorrow I will show you another card. Until then,


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  1. Gorgeous card. I'd love to live in that 'house' looks a beautiful spot:) We have lantana growing here, but it's been declared a noxious weed as it takes over and smothers our natural bushland. Pity, as it's pretty!!!