Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Postcard a Day PCAD Windows from Finland

Hi everyone,

I love windows and doors on postcards. (Don’t ask me why.... this is food for psychologists I suppose).

This week I received two postcards with windows, and they were both from Finland!

1.   The first window was sent by Janina from Kristiinankaupunki.  Which is the Finnish name for Kristinestad.  (Kristinestad is a town and a municipality in Finland. It is located in the western part of Finland on the shore of the Bothnian Sea. Wikipedia)

She put a unusually shaped stamp on it of the Finnish flag.

This one is from Mervi in Finland.

It has that beautiful stamp on it that Bridget showed some time ago.

The sentiment on the card reads in Finnish: Iloa ja valoa paivaasi. I went straight to an online translator and it came up with: ‘Joy and light to your day’. 
That is a lovely wish. I wish that also to you: Joy and Light to your Day!

And with that I will leave you.
CU tomorrow,

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  1. I never thought to take photos of windows, I take photos of fences. hmmmmm brain in overload lol. I just love that 3D looking flag stamp. Of course the swan stamps is so Zentangle as Shoshi declared on my post. I am enjoyiing looking at your postcards.