Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Postcard a Day 1 Sept 2015 T for Tuesday= T for grape juice

Good Morning, Good Tuesday!

I'm linking in with all you lovely T for Tuesday ladies (are there any males out there?).

We have a lot of grapes on the vine in our little courtyard outside the kitchen. I can't find the photo so I'll show you this little corner with DH on it (about to sweep the chimney, bless him). There must be at least 100 bunches of grapes hanging there, waiting for something...

I've resurrected my old juicer. I might be 20 years old, I don't remember how long I have had it. It's called the Jack Lalanne power juicer. Expensive (£250 +) but sturdy and very good. 
I put a large bunch of grapes in the fridge every morning and in the afternoon when we are ready for a snack and a drink, I juice them. Yumm!
Get that down ya Babe!
Now, true to form, here is my postcard:
Nothing to do with T for Tuesday you'd say. But just wait until I show you the stamps....

Anyway, this is a card from Holland showing the Dutch royal family. King Willem Alexander with his wife queen Maxima, and three little princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane. It was sent to me by Melanie, who was studying speech therapy at the time  (Dec '13).

Here are the stamps:
The stamp on the right needs no comment other than: cheers! (or in Dutch: proost!)

The ones on the left are so called children's stamps. The added 19 cents go to childrens charities. The illustrations are from a very old childrens book called Ot and Sien. Ot en Sien are the main characters in a series of Dutch children's tales that were very popular in the first half of the 20th century. They were meant to expose young people to a (what was then considered) a healthy daily family life. The illustrations were made by Cornelis Jetses. In the above stamp you see Ot (the boy in the story) burning his mouth and being told off by his mother for drinking his milk before it was sufficiently cooled down. The bonus bit of the stamp has the little rhyme and an added image of a couple of modern children eating their snack or breakfast.

The illustrations by Jetses have enjoyed a revival and there have been many exhibitions of his work in recent years.

That's it for today. Tomorrow I will link up with Whats on your workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW),

See you then,




  1. Love the look of those grapes, how great to have your own! And the juice....My sister also has one of those juicers, and they are really good. Love the stamps, and the one with the wine glasses is very appropriate for today. Cheers! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow .. beautiful grapes and the pressed juice looks amazing!
    Have a great T-Day!

  3. I've heard of that juicer, but it's been awhile since I think they've sold them (or maybe I just miss the ads). I know it's supposed to be a great one, and I think you probably got your money's worth. Those grapes look like they turned into a lovely drink and I'm sure you both enjoyed them.

    You couldn't have picked a better postcard, either. Those stamps are out of this world, it's great to read about the artist and the hopefully healthy lifestyle for kids. It never fails that I learn something new each week, and this is no exception. Thanks for sharing your beautiful drinks and your postage with us for T this Tuesday!

  4. Oh my those grapes are luscious looking and perfectly inviting.
    Lucky you! No wonder your hubbie has that great smile on his face.
    It's good luck having a chimney sweep in the family isn't it ;-)
    Thank you for sharing those lovely stamps along with the special postcard.
    Happy T Day Lisca oxo

  5. oh what fabulous looking grapes!! Love that grand ole juicer-just goes to show how well things used to be made (to last!) I have not tried a drink done solely with grapes as I usually add kale or spinach to everything but it does look refreshing and I could always try and tell myself it's like having a glass of wine:) Love all those stamps too. Happy T day!

  6. that Grapes drink Looks delicious... and what a nice idea to use that stamp!

  7. Those grapes! So many luscious grapes! It sounds like you're getting your money's worth out of that juicer. The new ones won't last nearly that long. Happy T Tuesday :)

  8. Hello! It's wonderful to hear from a European who is familiar with my little corner of the USA. I hope you enjoyed your visits to Minnesota.

    From grape-y start to stamp-y finish, your post was a delight to read. Have a happy T Day! :)

  9. Oh my! I remember the Jack Lalanne Show! He sold those juicers and also had exercise equipment. My grandpa had this stretcher contraption he used for years and watched his show faithfully. The grapes look scrumptious and I bet the juice is wonderful.

    We never drank warm milk. Only cold. Unless it was hot chocolate made with milk--yumm! Great stamps and happy T-Day! :)

  10. Wow, thats a lot of grapes. Bet the drink tastes good. Enjoyed the postcard and I like the stamps you showed us. Thanks for the info relating to them.


  11. How interesting to see the Royal Family. With a name like Maxima she must have been destined for royalty... Those grapes look fabulous and your hubby sweet. I loved hearing about the art and artist on the stamps... So glad to see you this Tday my friend. See you next week same time!! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  12. Wow! What a lot of grapes -the juice looks good! Great stamps too - I love the Royal family pic too! Happy T day! Chrisx

  13. Hello and Happy T Day! Those grapes look so good, perfect for snacking on. They don't look that good in the store. How sweet that postcard is and neat to read about the stamps. Thanks for sharing, have a good week.