Friday, 25 September 2015

A Postcard a Day - Friday 25 Sept 2015 Friday Smiles

Hello Friday Smilers! 

Has there been something to smile about this week? I'm sure there was if you think about it. In fact there will have been many smiley moments. I hope to read about all your smiles at A Stitch in Time

I'm smiling because tonight we will be driving to Malaga Airport to pick up one daughter and one grandson! He is ten years old (or will be soon, this is his birthday treat) and we have some fun things planned.

My card for today is this one:
Two little munchkins from Finland. Aren't they gorgeous? It was sent to me by Juha, who lives with his wife and two dogs in a small village in Finland (2300 inhabitants).

This is the stamp. That too is gorgeous. It looks like a flower fairy, but i have not been able to find out more info about this stamp.

When I say I had lots to smile about.... my husband and I have been away in our campervan. We stayed local as we live in such a beautiful area. Here are some photos:
DH overlooking the reservoir (which is quite low at the end of the summer).
A little bridge we had just walked across.

All of a sudden we spotted some deer in front of us. They stood still, as did we and we looked at each other for a minute or so, then they ran off. Wow!

Now for some 'internet' fun:
Notice left on the back gate: "Parcel left under the table in the garden"!
Have a good week everyone and... keep smiling!




  1. Haha, the parcel made my chuckle!
    Enjoy your time with your family x

  2. Happy Friday Lisca....that would have had to been a male put that parcel under the table...very funny though. Looks like a lovely relaxing coliday you've had and now to enjoy some time with family... Enjoy your week and cheers Robyn

  3. Hehehe love the last pic. So funny. Thanks for sharing. I knew it wasn't your dog last week cos I'd also seen it on Facebook but it still makes me chuckle when I look at it.
    Annie x

  4. A fun post and yes smile I did...lovely photos. Have a great adventure.

  5. Love that parcel, it's so funny.
    We too live in a beautiful area and could have a staycation with lots of local walks and nice places to visit
    Enjoy yourselves some more x

  6. so funny but very inventive, the parcel under the table. Oh a camper van, I'd love one but OH is resisting

  7. Came here for woyww, but ended up on this post being greeted by your Finnish card. Actually the kids are in Lapplandish (Same) clothes, and could probably just as well be from Sweden or Norway. I did some searches on the fairy postmark, it's from 2010 and the artist is Minni Havas. Happy crafting!
    Kristiina #21

  8. Great post Lisca! love the postcard of the children and the photos of your trip. Beautiful area.
    That is so funny about the delivery too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Jo x

  9. Love the postcard - so sweet and gorgeous stamp as well. Oh my I laughed out loud re the delivery :-) :-) Anne x

  10. How exciting to have your daughter and grandson coming to stay. I hope you have lots of good times together. The little children on the postcard are very sweet. What lovely scenery you have around you. I love the look of the cave-houses but I don't think I could live in one.
    I also saw the parcel on the internet, and it made me laugh out loud!
    have a great week.
    Kate x

  11. The parcel left under the table did make me laugh, Lisca :) How lovely for you to have your grandson and daughter visit and I'm sure you will be enjoying your time with them. Yu live in beautiful country - love the shot of the deer. I've been looking over your postcards and think they are lovely, especially the one of the two little ones hugging. Elizabeth xx

  12. I thought I had commented on this but obviously didn't. Gorgeous postcard. They look so cute.
    Our walnuts have all 11 but gone, as have our hazelnuts and most of the acorns....the same way....squirrels!!! Pesky little buggars!
    That parcel looks funny.