Thursday, 24 September 2015

A Postcard a Day - Thursday 24 Sept 2015, indoor market, Rotterdam

Hello and Good Morning to all of you!

Here is another of my postcards. This time it is a card I received this week from my home country and from my home town: Rotterdam. It was sent to me by a'German Wanderer' called Marco. He asks me if I have seen Rotterdam's latest  architectural sight? And he sends me a card of the new indoor/covered market. 

No, I have not seen that yet. People that have, say it is very beautiful. There are apartments above and to the sides and the ceiling is very spectacular. I hope to see it this December as I hope to spend Christmas with my mother in Rotterdam.

And this is the stamp:
I really like this card, so thank you Marco!

Have a good day and see you tomorrow!



  1. That is indeed a stunning picture. x jo

  2. I cant wait to see photos of this place from your camera, please take lots to share with us, it looks simply amazing