Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A Postcard a Day - Tuesday 15 Sept 2015 T for...Bavarian breakfast and... ice cream

Good Morning and Good Tuesday!

I'm linking up with Elizabeth's T for Tuesday blog. Anything drink related is allowed (and not just tea).
So my offering this week is a postcard (of course) with a drink in it. 
It says (in German) 'Greetings from Bayern'. Bayern is Bavaria in English. It's from Maria who lives in Muenchen (Munich), the largest city in Bavaria. 

The card depicts a Bavarian breakfast. Well, says Maria, call it brunch.  Apart from the pretzel, I don't think I would fancy any of that in the morning, would you?

Maria writes that she works at the reception of a Youth Hostel and has done for many years. She is also studying Psychology for a bachelor degree.

The stamps she used are quite nice:
 I won't say anything about the tulip but the other stamp that reads  Ruhr.2010 – Kulturhauptstadt Europas. It was the name of the campaign in Germany's Ruhr region that earned its recognition as a European Capital of Culture in 2010. This was the first time a region was considered, as Essen represented all 53 towns in the region in the application. 

Now that we've had (German) breakfast... how about some ice cream?
Our friends Eusebio and Antonia have an ice cream shop in Baza. He makes the most beautiful Italian ice cream with all natural ingredients. Yumm!
Often we go after church and have an ice cream (and a catch-up chat of course).
This is DH with a lovely ice cream. Eusebio let us look behind the scenes...
He started with a sort of cakey layer that was drenched in liquor. He sprinkled sugar on top.
Then with a hot iron caramelized it in seconds. This was set aside to cool.
Then we moved to the icecream machine and a whole bucket of cream was poured in. 
The cake with the caramelized sugar was put in the bottom of a container and then ice cream extruded from the machine on top of it. 
Several layers were made this way, very fast as the stuff has to stay cold. (Spot DH with a spoon at the ready to spoon up the 'dregs'!)

The result was this. ('Here is one that I made earlier')
Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is....

So I'll leave you all salivating and I'll be back tomorrow, when I link up with WOYWW.




  1. Great postcard - makes me feel happy..since I was raised in Bavaria (near Munich)
    and this icecream specialities look fantastic. How good that I had my breakfast before visiting all the Tuesday friends today! oxo

  2. I forgot to write that the "weisswurscht" has to be eaten before the bell beats noon-
    that was what I have learnt about !

    1. Thanks, I forgot to mention that too because Maria did write on the card that it needed to be eaten before 12 noon.

  3. Yummy, the ice cream looks sooooooooooooooo good. I am not keen on the Bavarian breakfast, but I do like a Bretzel here and there. Lots of Bavarian going on all over Germany just now as it's 'October Fest' time, so plenty of celebrations and decorations in the shops in the Bavarian style. Love the stamps on the postcard, too. Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

    1. Yes, I have (Danish) friends that are going to Bavaria for the Oktoberfest! It is still very warm here so a large 'Pils' looks very inviting....

  4. Although that is a great postcard I would NOT be wanting a breakfast like that! Loved watching that delicious ice cream treat being made-especially that paddle for carmelizing. Happy T day!

  5. That ice cream is mouth watering xx

  6. Yes, that breakfast is just a little too hardy for me! It is way more than I even eat for lunch. But the ice cream and the lovely cake your friend let you photograph the steps to...I would eat anytime! Happy T Day!

  7. I think I'll pass on that breakfast, but I'll take you up on the ice cream. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes tour :)

  8. Pretty postcard. That ice cream looks scrumptious!!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  9. yum!! that ice cream looks super.
    Happy T day!

  10. I'll pass on the German brunch...thank you very much...LOL
    I did enjoy seeing the desert being made, it looks delicious, bet it taste just as good as it looks.
    I put your stamps in the mail today, so they are finally on their way to you.
    Happy T-day

  11. Lived in Germany for three years and don't think i had a brunch like that...lol That icecream reminded me of my grandpa... He always liked his cake in a bowl with his icecream on top... tastes pretty good!! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  12. I agree, the postcard looks like lunch, not breakfast....but the stamps...wow! love them all! And ice cream, well that looks delicious ♥ happy T day!

  13. I'm with the others. This would be my entire day's meal. Is that beer? For breakfast? Sort of fun to see what others eat and drink for breakfast, isn't it.

    What wonderful stamps, and I enjoyed reading about Kulturhauptstadt Europas. It was fun to learn something new, which I seem to do each week at T time.

    BTW, I thought the cake and ice cream were magnificent. So glad you got a behind the scenes photo session. I would never have known how lovely it was and hard to make, otherwise.

    Thanks for sharing both breakfast and cake with us for T this Tuesday.

  14. I've often wished I worked in a shop like that or an Italian Bakery... but then I would be extremely overweight if I did so it's best that I don't. I get into enough trouble just baking at home :) The German breakfast looks great too.... I'm a FOODY!!!!

  15. Oh, wow, look at that ice cream! How could anyone resist that?