Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A postcard a Day -- 30 Sept 2015 T for Tuesday

Good Morning Good Tuesday!

And welcome to the T for Tuesday people. It’s T for Walnuts here in Spain. We’re going nuts here. Last week we went away for a few days to a camp site nearby and on one of our walks we saw many walnut trees, dropping their harvest.

We picked many and came home with a bag full!
I love walnuts in cakes and muffins (coffee and walnut...yummmm).

Now I have to show you something drink related...
This is at my friends' house. When we come she always makes a special little pot of tea for my husband who is British. Out comes the 'teapot-sitting-on-a-cup' and the box of English tea. Isn't that kind! The rest of us drink ordinary herbal stuff, like this:

I think this is called 'Hierba Louisa'. It's usually freshly picked.

I also have a drink related postcard:
I don't need to tell you where this one is from. It's from Finland and it was one of the first cards I received when I joined Postcrossing. It makes me thirsty just to look at it. (But not for beer! Certainly not in the morning!).

I'll go and put the kettle on and make myself a brew.
Have a great Tuesday all of you!




  1. Love the look of those walnuts, yummy! There is a walnut tree down by the Rhine, and I have picked up some nice nuts there. Love the teapot on the cup, and how kind of your friend to make it specially for your husband. The postcard is pretty, too, although beer for breakfast is not my choice either - it sounds like German 'Frühschoppen'. I will certainly make you a mocca when you pop round, my machine is clever and makes coffee to every taste! Happy T Day and a great week, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love using walnuts for cooking and baking too-but I have to buy mine:) Love the teapot, and yes that is sweet of your friend to have that tea for your hubby. Your herbal tea sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing another wonderful postcard and aa happy T day!
    thanks for your comments on my blog too :)

  3. As much as I love the meat from the walnuts, I would also love some of the shells so I could use them for dyeing fabric. I've never found any to use, so that is something I hope to try one of these days.

    That postcard is wonderful, but I had no idea the Fins drink so much beer. I have friend who lives in Finland, and all he talks about are how well his hockey team is doing and his work at the University, I'll have to tease him about it.

    I think I would also prefer the tea to the herbal stuff, but I sure like that cup and tea pot. I'm glad you shared it with us for T this Tuesday, along with the postcard and the walnuts you gathered.

  4. It was fun to see the walnuts on the tree--and even more fun to hear that you got to collect some! I remember as a kid we collected some black walnuts in their shells. We had to use a hammer because they were really hard to crack, and I remember our hands becoming darkened from the shells. Thanks for bringing back those happy memories.

  5. Fantastic walnuts! I love them as well.. we have 2 trees nearby - the harvest is near I guess!

    Great postcard and how nice of your friend to make extra tea for the british man!



  6. That tree is loaded! I see many a walnut muffin in your future :) Happy T Tuesday!

  7. I am with you on the walnuts.......I LOVE them in everything too. EVERY kind of nut is so expensive here........and we grow almonds and pistachios locally!! Almonds can be picked up off the ground after harvest..........but better not get caught in the pistachios!! LOL

    I LOVE that postcard. Your PC exchange sounds like much fun, and all the PCs, you've shared are so interesting.

    It is hot and dry here too, much like your area of Spain, and years ago I hung my laundry outside in the summer and it would dry faster than the dryer. As years have passed there is more and more dirt in the air.......from all the harvesting and spraying the fields...that I just used the dryer. Kids are grown and gone, so there really isn't much laundry to do anymore.......LOL

    Happy T-day and thanks for the lovely comment

  8. You know, I don´t think I have ever seen a walnut in its natural habitat. Amazing. Familiar and yet so strange. I use walnuts in bread, mostly, but I suppose they are a lot more useful than that. Happy T-Day!

  9. the walnuts will be wonderful for baked goodies...perhaps a lot of work to crack, but worth it. Great photos as always, and what a lovely tea pot...happy T day!

  10. I've never seen walnuts except in the store so I learned something today. :)
    What a cute little individual teapot and how nice of her to do that for your hubby.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  11. I would love to be able to pick wild nuts and berries etc, long gone are the day when they are planted in public areas so us to enjoy.
    Love that drink postcard, I am loving non tourist cards now

  12. Ooh! You have put the idea of coffee and walnut cake in my head just before bedtime - I shall have sweet dreams! Not a beer or tea lover so I'll just sip on my coffee thank you! Chrisx