Friday, 18 September 2015

A Postcard a Day - Friday 18 Sept 2015 Friday Smiles

Good Morning! Good 'Friday Smiles',

I found this doing the rounds on Facebook. I can't contribute this to anyone really.But it made me smile.

Well, my week has not been so rough at all, in fact we are in our campervan on a lovely camp site. I will go to the restaurant later to post this.

My postcard for today comes sent to me from Taiwan. As you can see the photo does not look Chinese at all... in fact it is French.

It reads: Paris 1969, Elliott Erwitt Snaps.

It was sent to me by Ying-Ying. She has made little drawings on the back of the card and put fun stickers on it.
She writes "One of  my friends that I swap postcards with once said that black&white photos are like a reticent old man (or in this case an old lady), quietly telling his or her story".

The stamps are great too:

I recognise the plant on the right hand stamp as Rosemary. The middle stamp looks like a child playing with puppets and the left one is a building, but what it is I don't know. 
I'm sorry if I haven't researched the stamps. (Will do better next time).

That's it from me today.

Tomorrow there will be another postcard for you to see and read about. Postcrossing really is an interesting hobby.



PS I had a message from Ying-Ying. She writes:
Thanks a lot for the blog you've written for my card TW-1063496. About the building stamp: it's the National Palace Museum of Taipei, one the most popular tourism spots here, exhibiting numerous traditional artworks (one of the most famous artworks is the "jadeite cabbage with insects", a cabbage sculpture carved out of a lump of jade).
Have a nice day :-)


  1. Hi Lisca. I saw that little dog on facebook too and he really made me chuckle.....that's what you call a bad hair day isn't it? :-) So cute.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  2. Have a lovely time away in your camper van. I remember sitting in a park like this in Paris with my parents and French friends we were visiting. We ate ham and cheese baguettes yum! That little dog is so cute. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  3. Super cute little dog and I love your postcard.It's amazing how we can tell it is a French scene.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Jo x

  4. I've felt a little like that dog at times this week!
    Happy Friday Lisca, enjoy your weekend x

  5. Yes a loong week for me too - So happy to be a the weekend! Have a better week xxx Soojay

  6. I know how that dog feels right now!! Hectic week.
    Lovely postcard and those stamps look fab.

  7. Hi Lisca...he sure is the cutest little dog...a bit scary with that shampoo do but I agree at times we all feel a bit 'spiky' and could do with some pampering....have a lovely break away in the van, envying you. Cheers Robyn

  8. Love that little dog and those postage stamps.
    Enjoy yourself x