Saturday, 5 September 2015

A postcard a day - Saturday 5 Sept 2015 Rain, Nanjing and two big hearts

Good morning peeps,

It's Saturday and I hope you had a lie-in. We had to get up early as two of our friends have come to help my DH with the building work. Bless'em. 

A bit of rain here is a major event. It rained (for the second time this summer!) earlier in the week. There is a thunder storm, the skies goes dark and then it buckets down for about an hour after which the sun comes out again. Normally we can see it coming and make sure there are no leaves on the drain. This time we hadn't noticed.... so Graham had to find the drain under the water and sweep the leaves so that the water can run off....

Now if looking at water has a certain effect on you, you'd better cross your legs as there is more water to come...

My postcard for today is from China and features (I think) the floating market. Anyway it is a cool cartoon of the city of Nanjing. Sent to me by Xiaodouzi. 
Xiaodouzi has also stuck on a beautiful double stamp:

It's quite big and takes up half of the postcard! In the circle I read: 'Services  for marriage and family'. I've not been able to find any info on the internet about this stamp strangely enough. But it is beautiful. Thank you Xiaodouzi.

That's it from me for today.

Have a great weekend,




  1. Ha Lisca... ja, ik was ook vroeg wakker - dat 'uitslapen' is meer iets voor mijn lief (en mijn zoon, als-ie hier logeert - die kan er ook wat van!) Ik ben altijd lekker op tijd op, en dan met een mok koffie blogs bezoeken... heerlijk, dat soort ochtenden! En ja... water.... daar heb ik ook al een heleboel van gezien de afgelopen dagen, het blijft maar vallen! Ik hoop dat jij toch ook een paar uurtjes zonlicht mag zien dit weekend! Oh, en ik langs vanwege de woyww maar bekeek en las meteen maar ook je andere posts, vandaar dat ik mijn commentaartje hier achterlaat. Een beetje laat voor woyww, dus 'tot over een paar dagen' maar weer ;) Marit

  2. I am sure the rain is very welcome. We didn´t get any. The thunder rumbled all round us,but that is all. However, today we have had a small shower and it is cloudy, but there wasn't enough water to flood the drive though.
    Another interesting postcard for your collection too. Kate x