Wednesday, 9 September 2015

WOYWW 327 - a moan, two kitties and a decorated postcard.

Good morning desk hoppers,

It's Wednesday again and you are here to see everybody's desk. Here is mine:
 It's a bit of a disaster area. I'm participating in the CSI scrapbooking challenge (CSI color, stories, and inspiration)and the color palette was just perfect for my packet of Gelatos Tropical that I had lurking in a drawer and had never used. I watched a tutorial about a resist technique: stamp and emboss (colorless) and then rub some Gelato over the embossing, and rub with a baby wipe. Well, it was an unholy mess! I was not a happy bunny.
This summer while I was in the UK I bought an embossing pad but when I unwrapped it yesterday, it was completely dry. So I had to emboss with colored ink. Then I found a white inkpad and tried that. But I'm not happy. I gave up in the end.... Chucked it all in the bin. (Not the Gelatos, I'll have another go with those). I'm annoyed because I can order another embossing pad online. They cost only a few £s, but then I have to pay £6 postage and packing! Argh!

OK, moan over. Have I got something nice to show you? Oh yes, here are the kitties that live on our top terrace. They are very shy. We feed them and they play on the furniture. We use the terrace for building materials at the moment. There are plenty of places to have shade and to hide and play.
 Most of you know that my other hobby is Postcrossing. I received a lovely postcard from Belgium (with a photo of their royal family). The sender had decorated the address side of the card, which I found more interesting really. It's beautifully done:
 Great isn't it!

That's it from me today. Sorry for the moan...

Have a good week all of you,

Many blessings,

I'll add a few photos of the building project for those who are interested:
DH is laying the tiles on the bedroom roof. This is where the (compulsary) solar panels will go.
This is our living area. The electrician is doing the cabling (the black line on the wall). The wood is the ceiling, and on the right is the stairs to the bedroom. The arched windows and patio doors open out to a large terrace. The walls will be rendered and will be white, but the wood will stay as it is, and the stairs will get another coat of black paint when everything is finished.


  1. Your building is coming on a treat! It'll be beautiful when it's all finished. Those kitties are so cute, I love tortoiseshells :-)
    You'll have to email me first, I'm
    LLJ 12 xx

  2. How lovely to have a little peek at your renovations. Thanks for stopping by today.

    Fiona #11

  3. Moaning is allowed, especially when a technique doesn't go as planned. So, have theses kitties adopted you? Very sweet looking pair. Truly looking forward to seeing photos of your home when all the work is completed. Loving that brick wall!

  4. Oh those kitties- how adorable!Must be a bit tiring with the renovations.I loathe having them done.Putting off until next year!! Frustrating with the embossing. Maybe better next time.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.
    Judy #9

  5. I do so love the look of how your home is going to be and am really loving watching [someone else's] developments :-) What cute little kitties.
    Annie x # 10

  6. Well I really like the 'mess' you made with the Gelatos - the colours are beautiful and delicate, and I think it would look great as a background for a card or some pretty shapes punched out of it! Hope it hasn't gone in the bin!! I'm loving your home - I've been enjoying watching it develop. I love the little kitties - how cute are they!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #23

  7. What a lovely Window in your living room. I have those gelatoes too and not used them yet! have your tried adding glycerin to your dried ink pad ( that ought to work) Thanks for the earlier visit . Have a lovely week. Soojay x

  8. Hi Lisca, happy WOYWW...I don't mind your grumble...I totally understand, everything is much more expensive in Australia and postage is ridiculous...I watch out for free postage even from international. Your building is coming along - love the timber ceilings. Have a great week Cheers RobynO#19

  9. Hi Lisca! That's so annoying about the dried up embossing pad - but the technique sounds intriguing - might just give it a try! Love the kitties - we're thinking about adopting a kitten, but we're afraid that we won't be able to go anywhere if we do. We used to have our neighbour's cat come in all the time and it was great because it was like having a cat without the responsibility. But they moved away :( Lovely views around your house. I guess the pay-off is that you don't have a HobbyCraft around the corner to buy a new embossing pad. Oh well, in a perfect world... Happy WOYWW. zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #28

  10. Ah postcrossing sounds brilliant. It must be so nice getting a postcard from a mystery stranger somewhere else in the world! I only ever get bills in the post :-(, Shame about the dried embossing pad. Those gelato colours are great so I hope you find another use for them. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Happy crafting, Max #24

  11. Sorry about your ink pad! As for my box of mini DI you asked about. I started crafting so recently that I never stocked large pads, went straight for the small that many have been selling in the packs of four, of which I've bought several. I have three boxes, neutral, warm, cold and am thinking I'll have to get a fourth box now that I want some of the new colours. Bought the boxes and part of the inks from, free europe shipping if you buy over 50e. I also like Bianca's Toko .nl, they have free shipping for over 70e shopping. Don't know how the Dutch do it, Agnes Hobby Shop has free shipping if you buy for 35e, in Finland you usually have to buy for 100e. Buying from Britain is a pain right now, because the euro is so weak, but Joanna Sheen does free shipping after 9 pounds (and you could always find something besides the embossing pad...) and the Craft Barn has a fast shipping rate smaller then what you mentioned. That's a lot of advertisement for a comment, but I think those are worth it, and I'm not getting paid for it:) I do know that shopping for one small thing always ends up being expensive ;)
    Thanks for your visit earlier, happy woyww!
    Kristiina #18

    1. Thank you Kristiina for the names of scrap stores. I'm going to check out the Dutch stores and also Joanna Sheen as I have a bank account in UK (with £s).

  12. I have seen that Gelato thing work. it is great! You have reminded me to try it. Your building progress looks great. Peg R 36

  13. I love the views from your building!
    Sorry your play time didn't work out, hope it works better next time. Would you be able to get a re-inker for the pads? I know that some brands have embossing pad re-inkers, but maybe they are not available where you are. Best of luck finding what you need.
    Those kitties sure are cute!
    -Lizzie #37

  14. I always love stopping by and seeing how your building project is coming along. Plus your views are so pretty. I'm sorry to hear that the experimental play time didn't work out. That is always frustrating when that happens. The kitties are quite sweet looking. Be glad they are shy and not insisting on being smack in the middle of your desk! Judy #38

  15. Lovely to see your building project and views - I am envious :-) of both. Shame about the crafting project :-( Those are pretty kitties. Anne x #7

  16. oooh your kitties are so cute and I love the bricks of your wall the arch is gorgeous. :)
    ~Stacy #44

  17. Hi Lisca, everything is looking so good. Sorry to hear about the embossing ink that is so annoying. Lovely kitties. Thanks for the visit to mine and have a great woyww, Angela x 22

  18. The closest art stores for me are in San Antonio, which is about 2 hours and 45 minutes from where I live in Texas. Therefore, I sometimes have to shop online, so I can relate to your dilemma. Your kitties are very cute, but that view from your terrace is what took my breathe away. I also really like the rustic feel of your living area. Blessings, my friend!

  19. I have purchased glycerin to re-ink my embossing pads years ago. Worked well back then. You have such a great view from your terrace! And the postcrossing is very interesting! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #32

  20. Love your home and the kitties. They are so beautiful!I am sorry about the embossing pad!Awful!Postcrossing is so cool. The postcard you got is adorable, my friend!Happy T-Day! :)

  21. You know you can use glycerine (we can buy it at the supermarket) to reink your embossing inkpad! I think your hot climate may have dried it out or was it just a dud inkpad?

  22. I always love to see your cave home :-)

  23. The kitties are so cute!
    That's annoying about your stamp pad. Can you order a reinker?
    What fabulous views you have there! Thanks for dropping by earlier :)