Friday, 11 September 2015

A Postcard a Day- Friday 11 Sept 2015, Friday Smiles

Good Morning, 

 I'm linking up with Annie's Friday Smiles. I love Friday Smiles as it bursts with positive vibes and nice things and of course each post I read makes me smile for a different reason.

I feel very blessed that I live in a village, and that I know the butcher, the baker (and the candlestick maker) ahem, I meant the postmaster. His name is Juan. He's a lovely man and always helpful and accommodating. Here he is posing patiently.

 When I told him he was going to feature in my blog he smiled shyly. I see a lot of Juan as I post lots of postcards and I'm always asking him for pretty stamps!

I do so I send and receive postcards from all over the world. I have so far only ever had one card from Norway. Here it is:
It was sent to me by Marit who is a dairy farmer and a rural postman. (I don't know if Marit is male or female....)
The picture features bridal dresses from Hardanger. Aren't they beautiful.

The stamp has a little hedgehog on it.
By the looks of it they call a hedgehog 'piggsvin' in Norwegian.

I read something remarkable about the Norwegian 
flag the other day:
The flags of six other countries can be found within the Norwegian flag! Clever!

Now something to make you smile...although I suppose only for UK people, other nationalities won't 'get it' as they don't have Dr Who:
That's it from me for today.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday. 

Keep Smiling!



  1. How lovely to feature your postman...the one we had at the local postoffice where we use to live was a really grumpy, badtempered man so it's lovely to hear of one that's not [it's a long way for me to come to post my letters though lol ]. I bet who ever designed the toilet sign had a good chuckle when they designed it cos so many people in the UK will think it's a dalek :-) Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  2. Lovely post. Hoping you have a wonderful Weekend too xx

  3. Mooie kaart met die vlaggen uit Noorwegen.
    En volgens mij is Marit een meisjesnaam. Ook in Scandinavië :-)

    1. Ja, ik heb een blogvriendin in nederland die Marit heet.

  4. Well you've not failed Lisca. Another very interesting and informative post from you again. How interesting that is about the Norwegian flag. I'm going to take a screen shot to show my friends tonight. The national costumes do look beautiful.

    That's a lovely photo of your postman. He has a lovely smile. We also live in a village and our postie is a woman called Janice. We live very near to the small post office, which only opens five mornings a week. Janice and the postmistress Carol are both very friendly and helpful. After my mother died the odd bit of post would arrive at her address (she also lived in the village) and it would be delivered to OUR address instead of being put into Mum's old door. Carol also passed on the news of Mum's passing to the locals for me which was a great help. Not the sort of service you'd get in a big town is it. We have a friend who is a postman and he's a very kind and friendly person too.

    The sign for the toilet certainly did make me smile. Barbxx

  5. Oh Lisca your Dalek had me chuckling :D
    and Maarit is feminine and Finish form of Margaret.... acc. to google.

    and yes, your postie is very kind .. so are mine, husband and wife - I know them by name too see them a lot but not often as you, happy Smiles Day!
    Shaz in oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  6. Lovely postcard there Lisca. Those costumes are gorgeous. I would not send you a photo of our post office staff....they are far too err......if you cant say something nice don't say nuffink at all!
    I will send you a card though as our stamps are so pretty right now. Let me have your address do.
    Very funny sign, though I have seen it before.

    1. Sent you a friend request on fb - double barrelled surname!!

  7. aww what a sweet guy. Your post cards are so pretty - Have a lovely week. Soojay x

  8. I loved reading this post. Yay to great postal service. One our our post ladies I discovered is a fellow scrapper, & we scrap together every now and then!! And as for the Darlek shower. BRILLIANT!!!

  9. Hi Lisca, I'm a little late this week, but just have to say I love your post....Juan does look like a lovely patient man - it's nice to know the local folk so rushed and impersonal in cities. I did have a chuckle with the Dalek shower thougk. Have a wonderful weekend Cheers Robyn