Friday, 29 April 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 29 April 2016 - Friday Smiles

Good Morning Friday! Good Morning Smiley friends!

The week has really flown by. The weather has improved immensely and the temperatures are now in the 20s (Celcius). I love it. 

My postcard for today comes from Russia
It is a painting by Anna Silvonchik and is called "Stork's Gift", oil on canvas 2012. Svetlana sent it to me quite recently. There are some lovely stamps on it too:
How has your week been? Mine has been fine. (I will be linking up with Virginia for Rocking Your World Friday). I finished the lace project I was doing (the bell) and you can see that on my previous blog (Wednesday). All I have to do now is starch it.

My DH has finished the bathroom, and is doing the lights on the terrace. Saturday he will start on my craft room downstairs. I had been using this craft room on concrete floor and with bare bricks. Even the shelving was made out of bare bricks. Now it's going to be done properly. So of course I have had to take everything out! All my craft stuff is now in the old kitchen in boxes on improvised shelving (again). My desk is there too so at least i can do something. I'm looking forward to it being finished. That has to be in the middle of June as we are expecting guests then.

My magazine from Holland (that I subscribe to) Flow has arrived today and I spent quite a lot of time relaxing and reading it. 

Isn't it colourful? It has a little booklet inside to practice drawing letters. And I loved reading about Frida Kahlo. 

Today I have been hanging curtains. Half the window is done. I have not taken a photo because the room is still in a mess. Next week.

That sums me up....

But I keep smiling. I've reached my target weight: 60kg! Hurray! No more diet, and I can drink wine again!
I'm also linking up with Annie at A Stitch In Time for Friday Smiles. I don't really have any funnies today. But I did see this posted by one of you (can't remember who it was) which is very appropriate for me at the moment. I have been potting my geraniums and my chilli pepper seedlings are reading to be potted too.

Monday we plan to go away for a few days in our campervan. We'd like to go to Portugal and stock up on wine (vinho verde is a type of white wine I like and it is not readily available here, so it's an excuse to go to Portugal and buy it there).

That's it from me. Sorry it was a bit hurried and rambling but I want to get those flipping curtains done today.

Have a good week all of you,
Keep smiling,


  1. Well I did chuckle at the 'wet my plants' sign :D

  2. We are off to Portugal for the first time in May so thanks for the heads up about the wine...sounds worth trying :-) Any excuse eh! Expecting visitors def focuses the mind when it come to house projects....we got soooooo much done the week before our Dutch friends arrived lol.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  3. Congratulations on reaching your goal weight that's fabulous - you must be really pleased, I had to smile at the wine sentiment.

    I've bought that same magazine in the UK once, it wasn't a cheap buy but a fabulous read, I loved the general flow of the magazine - very inspiring, I think I read that it had originated in Holland.

    Glad things are coming along house wise, although moving craft stuff is never fun at the best of times. I hope it is soon complete for you.

    Oh a jaunt to Portugal to buy wine sounds like a lovely excuse for a road trip.

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.


  4. Hi Lisca, sounds like you've had a brilliant week. The Some Days sentiment rings true, I can relate to that one Lol! Have a great weekend, Angela x P.S. we are having hale now, crazy weather!

  5. Hi Lisca. Aren't we lucky to have this warm weather. It is looking so bad in UK right now. I love this warmth, before the real heat comes on us. I can sit outside and knit or crochet in perfect comfort.
    I was interested to see your Dutch magazine is featuring Frida Kahlo. She is the inspiration for my current crochet-along, designed by Jane Crowfoot. It is called Frida's Flowers. We have done two motifs called Black Cosmos and Dahlia bud, and next week we have the pattern for the Bird of Paradise flower.
    Your house is coming along a treat. Graham is a great worker isn't he.
    I hope you enjoy your trip to Portugal. Kate x

  6. Greetings Lisca, your post today brought a smile to my face. The new magazine looks interesting and the cover reminds me of the Taproot maybe I subscribed too. Have a wonderful time in Portugal and drink a glass of wine for me! Safe travels, Pat xx

  7. Hi Lisca
    Well done on reaching your target.
    I love the stamps and the postcard.
    My sister sent me a new Frida Kahlo book today as she knows I'm a big fan. My VW Beetle is named Frida as she was built in Mexico.
    Have a lovely week
    Lynn xxx

  8. It's a lovely ramble to read! I'm so happy that you will - soon - have a fully functional finished craft space! We've been off on holidays.... in the UK! So not far from you.... so not been visiting for a while:))