Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 26 April 2016 - T for Tuesday

Good morning friends! Here is a nice greeting for you:
How are you all? It's Tuesday again and I hope you will link with Elizabeth and Bluebeard (like I do) for T for Tuesday. You can post anything as long as it has something drink related in it.

The above picture would qualify I think. But I always have a postcard to share. How about a cookie to go with the above coffee?

These are star-shaped cookies and they come from Germany. The quote reads: "The stars of our happiness lie within ourselves" - Heinrich Heine (German 19th century poet). Needless to say this card was sent to me from Germany.

Or perhaps you would prefer some fruit?
This vintage image was sent to me from Hongkong. Interestingly ginger, olives and almonds are also among the fruit as they were classed as dessert as well apparently.

I know Elizabeth does a lot of upcycling and recycling. I do too and I have a photo of the recycling bins. They are quite large and I didn't know where to put them in my new kitchen/living room. We found a place for them under the floor:
We dug out this space so we can actually stand in it and it is now a useful storage area. After the photo was taken my DH has put a coat rack on the right hand side as you come in. The top bin has all the aluminium (cans and tins) with milk and juice cartons and any plastic bottles. The middle one is for paper and cardboard. The bottom one is for glass bottles and jars. When they are full we take them to the local collection point in our town. We bought these bins at Ikea last year and we find them invaluable.

One last thing:
I was at the Chinese bazaar on Friday and I saw this 6 litre kettle. What a beauty! I often make tea for hords of people and a large kettle was on my wish list (but I never found one until now). It's funny to see myself in the shiny kettle, and it also shows our living quarters in birds eye view. The little vent in the lid gives in fact warning that the kettle is boiling. I am used to kettles that whistle but this noise is like a fog horn! It made me jump the first time i heard it!

That's it from me this Tuesday. I hope you all have a fab Tuesday and a very good week.



  1. Oh I love the sentiment on that first postcard! How cool to find that tea kettle. Clever use of space and recycling too. Happy T day!

  2. Nice tea pot! I could probably make myself cups of tea all day. Nice postcards too. How did you get into this postcard receiving mode? Erika

  3. I was amazed at those postcards. I would gladly eat fresh strawberries and olives for dessert. Sounds wonderful to me! That postcard was amazing. I guess I should say the art was amazing.

    What an incredible view of your living/dining/kitchen space. It certainly was a bird's eye view.

    Here in the States, we are given company owned containers to place our recyclables in. They are picked up every two weeks, as opposed to trash, which is picked up every week. The bins are the same size, though. Before we had the waste companies picking up our trash, we had to sort it, just like you do. Now all goes in the same bin with no sorting.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely coffee, cookie, and dessert postcards, along with that awesome kettle with us for T this Tuesday. Your recycle plans are excellent, too.

  4. What a lovely kettle, so bright and shiny! Love the postcards, and the quote on the first one. Your storage area is a great addition. We have bins for everything recyclable supplied by the garbage company, so no problems here. Have a wonderful T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. we also have a home-sorting System like you have and we have to bring it to the Recycling Yard when time has come and they are full...
    i´ve never seen such a big kettle in my life, but it sounds good for a Group of tea drinking People!
    awesome post you got, too! happy t-day, lisca, and have a nice rest of the week!

  6. Wow.. an amazing big kettle! Your ikea boxes for recycling look very good.. we get big plastic bags for free from our community for plastic bottles and tetrapacks and I use other old big bags for glass and metall which I all collect in the basement...plastic and tetra and paper they pic up every two months the other stuff I have to bring to the collection point ..just a few hundred meters from our house ... all very clever organized here in our communtity.
    Your boxes look much more nice than my stuff....!!!
    Happy T-Day dear Lisca!

  7. What a fabulous kettle! Love your postcards, always fun to see them...the cookies sound very good with coffee. And enjoy the peek at your recycling space. Happy T Day!

  8. What a fabulous kettle! Love your postcards, always fun to see them...the cookies sound very good with coffee. And enjoy the peek at your recycling space. Happy T Day!

  9. Fantastic tea kettle. It has a great shape. I enjoy seeing your postcards.
    Happy T day!

  10. I'll take one of those delicious-looking cookies, please. And maybe some fruit, too ;) I love that big, shiny kettle. That'll make plenty of tea, I think. Happy T Tuesday!

  11. You really made me giggle with your fog horn description of that fine new kettle... aooga!
    Reflections are a favorite photo of mine too.
    We have very similar looking recycle bins :-)
    Perfect quote to go with those gorgeous star cookies.
    Happy T Day Lisca

  12. I love the postcards - the deserts look as though they are from Mrs Beeton! Your kettle should brew up quite a lot of tea I should think - great reflection pic! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. Just calling by to say hello, I have enjoyed reading your post and I love the size of your new kettle.

  14. Love the tea kettle :) Really like the area you have crested for you recycles :) The post cards area great and those cookies look very yummy .

  15. Hi Lisca, your T post is so interesting, such a lot to see! Love the shiny kettle too. I have recycling bags, just bought new ones - maybe I should post them next week!
    Cazzy x