Wednesday, 6 April 2016

WOYWW 357- tada new desk and a naked man

Good morning girls and boy (that would be Arnaldo)!

It's Wednesday again and for me that means getting up that little bit earlier before I go to the gym to post this. A post that shows the world my desk. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, this is a blog hop peeping over people's shoulders to see what they are making/crafting/creating/messing about with. Julia at  Stamping Ground  has all the details).

This is our new living quarters, that we have moved into last week. It is a large kitchen and living room all in one. 

That was the kitchen last week, before my desk was ready. The carpenter put my desk in on Monday and yesterday I moved my computer onto it, and this is what it looks like now: Tada! 
There is nothing on my desk though. All my craft stuff is downstairs and I haven't done much crafting lately. 
You can see we have lit the stove. It is pretty lousy weather here today, excuse my French. It's cold and raining. The rain is a blessing, mind, as it rains so seldom, the farmers are dancing a jig around their plots!

I have been going to art classes so I can show you what I have done there:
(if you take offence at seeing a naked man, then stop right here because there is one coming up in a moment)
I copied this from a statue. She has her arm over her head, which looks a bit weird I guess.

And here is the above mentioned young man:
No, we did not have live models, lol.(Oh what a shame!) Again it was a picture of a statue (Greek?). My teacher liked it very much and wrote "Muy Bien" by the side of it, which means "well done".

I will leave you with a photo taken a few days ago near where we live:
It is the Sierra Nevada with almond trees in the foreground. The Sierra Nevada has a ski resort (just outside Granada). The mountains don't look so high but we live on a high plain (altoplano) at 1200 m altitude (3600 ft), so that is deceiving really.

Have a great week all of you. When I come back from the gym I will start doing a few visits.



  1. Great drawing, Lisca! I love your kitchen and your new desk too, it is all coming together now and looking fantastic! Helen #1

  2. I think your new room is wonderful, such a social space. You must be very pleased.
    My husband likes to tell everyone that we live 1000 feet above sea level and then he points out all the things you can see from our windows. For me it's the changing shifts of the seasons and weather I like to observe. Some days it changes by the minute.
    Enjoy your week Lisca
    Lynn xx 7

  3. What amazing drawings - really brilliant - you must be really pleased with them! I'm loving your new desk set up and how it works seamlessly with the rest of the room! Hope you enjoy your gym session!

  4. Fab new space..and those drawings... wow, wow, wow! Elaine #15

  5. New you keep looking around and enjoying it - how fab! You can draw, without doubt, the copies of the statues are wonderful. How nice to have art lessons on hand. You have to have some bad weather to remind you of the good, but I hope it passes soon, do the mountains give you a sort of micro climate?

  6. What a smashing kitchen cum living room cum craft space - brilliant use of space!
    Love that view of the mountains - I would get nothing done as I would be watching the subtle changes.
    Have a good week
    God Bless

    Bishopsmate #25

  7. Well done indeed with your naked man! I miss life drawing class - great fun. Super kitchen - I am envious and especially with that view outside. Hope you get all your 'bits' sorted soon. Have a good week x Jackie #17

  8. Wow love your drawings . Hope you get warmer weather soon xx Soojay 23 xx

  9. Your drawings are fantastic. So is the area where you live, lucky you. Happy WOYWW Vicky #12

  10. Ohhh I feel like I've been on my holidays, what a lovely place you live in, both inside and out. I feel at home in mountains, there's just something about their majesty. Your drawings are fantastic, I so wish I could draw like that....pity there wasn't a live model though!!!!
    Hugs Lisax #35

  11. Your drawing is coming along really brilliantly, no wonder your teacher was pleased! And your place is looking beautiful, love the wood burner 💖 Gorgeous pics of the mountains too, you live in a beautiful place!
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xxx

  12. Hi Lisca, well, where to start? Your home looks stunning, I love all the natural wood. Great drawings, very well done. And what a beautiful part of the world you live in! Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #9 xx

  13. love your kitchen/living space. Your drawings are fabulous. super view you have there - lucky you- I'm well jealous :-) Anne x #38

  14. love your kitchen/living space. Your drawings are fabulous. super view you have there - lucky you- I'm well jealous :-) Anne x #38

  15. Mag wel in het Nederlands he? Voor de verandering. Wat een heerlijke werkplek heb je zo in de kamer-keuken. Had ik vroegen ook altijd en ik vond het geweldig. Je woont daar mooi! En tekenen kun je goed zeg! Fijne dag.

  16. You caught my attention with the naked man in the heading so I searched every picture!!!
    Too bad you didn't have a live model...I would have been too distracted to draw! Great job btw.
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #30

  17. Your living space looks lovely and open, light and airy. The view is just beautiful too.

    Nice drawings - wish I could draw lol

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #42

  18. I'm having a lunchtime catch up with my fav blogs today as my curtain cutting assistant came early and I then went on to shorten the dreaded curtains first....they are all done now :-)
    Your new room looks so lovely Lisca....I'm sure you will be so thrilled with it. Your artwork is brilliant....shame you didn't have a live model eh?
    Hug's Annie x # 10

  19. Fabulous kitchen & craft space. Your drawing are fab :o)

  20. I Love the high ceilings and rafters! Congrats on the new space! And the drawings are lovely...nice job.
    -K #57

  21. So nice that your house is coming together. The new computer desk looks like a lovely place to spend the day doing WOYWW visit. Love your drawings. You're a natural! PJ #57

  22. Your new desk/craft area looks great! I so enjoyed seeing the lovely pictures of where you live. We have a mountain range here in California called the Sierra Nevada. It's noted in history due to immigrants crossing over the mountain range in 1846 amid blizzard conditions. Enjoy your day, Pat xx

  23. Hi Lisca, love your new kitchen/sitting room area and to have your desk there too is just plain fabulous - no wonder you are a happy bunny! Your drawings are wonderful - you're so talented. I can just about doodle a daisy flower :( Beautiful photo of your snow topped mountains too. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #41

  24. What a fantastic new workspace - so light and airy and right in the heart of the home! I would be tempted by all of the biscuits close at hand though! :)

    WOYWW #20

  25. Love the new kitchen/desk/sitting area, it looks so bright and airy.
    Hope you are enjoying your art class, it's always nice to see a naked man! :-)
    What a lovely photo with the snowy mountains in the back and the bare grass in the foreground.

  26. Thanks for your visit earlier. I just had to comment on what you said: Dio looks a very handsome cat. Beautiful fur, lovely color. But he's not looking very happy.

    He wasn't happy. He thought I should give him some more treats and I thought otherwise! hee hee He also felt I should stay home with him all day and while I agree completely, it wouldn't pay the bills, so off to work I went.

  27. I love the openness of your room! And the stove looks so inviting! Great desk area and fab drawings. I miss the mountains where we used to live but we were at 5100 feet altitude. We used to ski a bit, too. Hope you have a great rest of the week!
    Carol N #45

  28. Love seeing how your kitchen has come to together, and wow, what sketches. Nice job. I also enjoyed the view from around your house. It looks very beautiful there with those big mountains in the background. :)

  29. great kitchen. love the drawing

    Lilian B #65

  30. great kitchen. love the drawing

    Lilian B #65

  31. Wonderful to have a desk in the kitchen! Your drawings are amazing!

  32. The more I see you place the more I love it, you must be really pleased. Love the art work too. Happy crafty belated woyww, Angela x 24

  33. Lisca, your new place is looking absolutely great! You must be so thrilled with it. And as for your art work, you are truly talented. What beautiful drawings. The scene of the mountains and the almond trees is beautiful too. What a great post!

    Thank you for your lovely comment - I am now fully recovered and can only think it was a 24-hour minor inner ear infection or something like that. Horrible while it lasted but soon over! Phoebe's bloods came back normal, and the vet has increased her dose slightly and we'll see how she gets on. The decorating is now finished and I am thrilled with how it came out - seeing my vision becoming a reality is marvellous and it couldn't be better. We still have a few things to bring back in but we are using it again and loving the new uncluttered feel. I'm so glad you like the stencilling.

    We've had an extremely busy couple of days because as well as the decorating and other odd jobs being done, the men came at very short notice yesterday to replace our blown double glazed units with nice new clear ones, and we had to move at high speed to clear the rooms ready for them. I am therefore very behind with all my WOYWW comments as I didn't have any time to be on the computer yesterday.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #28