Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Postcard a Day - Tuesday 19 April 2016 T for cakes and books and snails having tea

Hello lovely friends, Happy Tuesday to you!

I have some nice postcards for you today. I received so many this week, that I don't know which ones to show you. Here is one:
It came to me from Germany. I put in my profile what sort of cards I like and the theme 'books' is amongst them. Anything to do with books as I am a bookworm. This painting is by Frank Dicey and is called "The Novel, A Lady in a Garden Reading a Book". (1880)
The second one is this:
Again, this comes from Germany and again the theme is books. The text reads:'If you have a garden and a library, then you have everything you need.' I totally agree. There were some garden inspired stamps too:
I have been busy these days uploading all my postcards (1200 odd) onto Flickr. With our slow internet connection it took almost a minute per card but over a whole week I have now done it. Here is the link.
I'm now in the process of putting them (the card images) into appropriate folders. Little by little.

I'm linking up today as usual on a Tuesday with Elizabeth at Altered Booklover. She holds T for Tuesday where we all share something drink related. So here comes postcard number three. It is one that I am sending to Germany. (it's all German today, isn't it):
It's called "He just invited her for tea...." oil on canvas, bu Anna Silivonchik. I love it. I buy my cards online from Russia and they have some really talented artists.

Every Sunday I make a cake of some sort to share at our local church house group:

The base is cake and the top layers are made with greek yoghurt and whipped cream (and gelatine leaves). The coloured layer has instant coffee added to it. So come join us for a herbal tea and a piece of mocca yoghurt cake. Oh, coffee is your drink? Well that can be arranged....

Now I'm off to the hospital for a mammogram, ultrasound and x-ray. All in different departments so I have to queue up three times. This means I'll probably be hanging around all morning. Then my DH is taking me out to lunch so I will be late in commenting today. Will you wait up for me?

I wish everyone a great Tuesday, and I hope to see you all next week,


  1. What a nice collection of postcards. It must be so much fun to check your mail and find these little surprises. happy T day! :) Erika

  2. Great postcards, you really have a large collection. That cake looks wonderful, wouldn't mind a piece just now with my coffee! Happy T Day, Hugs, Valerie

  3. Of course I'll wait-what you are doing today is so very important. I'm sure all will go well, and then you get to enjoy a nice lunch out:) Fabulous postcards. I am an avid reader too and love books (not the e reader kind either) Happy T day!

  4. You have such a wide variety of postcards! I'd love a piece of that cake, please :) Looks delicious! Happy T Tuesday!

  5. Oh my goodness... You have a busy morning scheduled! Good luck with all the tests ( I hate mammograms, a necessary evil) Yes, we will wait up for you! Love the postcards...especially the snails! So ingenious...

  6. Oh my goodness... You have a busy morning scheduled! Good luck with all the tests ( I hate mammograms, a necessary evil) Yes, we will wait up for you! Love the postcards...especially the snails! So ingenious...

  7. The snails are simply adorable. I laughed when I saw the image. That is a very talented artist.

    You must have a fortune in both postcards AND postage, because even a post card costs over $1.00 US to send here. I'm impressed with your collection.

    Yes, Lisca, I'll be waiting while you queue through all the tests and have lunch. I am sure everything will be fine, though.

    Thanks for sharing your postcards and your day with us for T this Tuesday. Did you save me a piece of that whipped cream yogurt cake?

  8. I love those postcards! The cake looks delicious too! Hope you had a lovely lunch after your morning of appointments! Chrisx

  9. All the postcards look lovely but my favorite is the 3rd one. Wow! I love cakes with coffee flavor and this one looks yummy.
    Happy T day Lisca

  10. Wonderful post cards Lisca, each so different and unique.
    I hope all you tests went well.
    Happy T-day

  11. Id wait forever for a slice of that cake please Lisca.
    Hope the test results are good ones.
    Lynn xx

  12. Beautiful post cards, I have enjoyed my visit and seeing your delicious cake.

  13. wonderful postcards and I would love to tra this delicious looking ake! Yes!

  14. A wonderful card you sent to Germany. I quite agree with you, Russia has lots of excellent artist. My absolute favourite are the blue cats by Irina Zeniuk.

    1. Thank you Manfredo for your kind comment. I clicked on your name/link but nothing came up. Have you got a blog? Did you find me through Postcrossing?

    2. No, I haven't a blog yet. I am an old ass who doesn't understand much of computers.:-(
      Yes, I found you through Postcrossing. You sent me that wonderful Alice card...
      I like your blog very much and am looking forward to the next. In the meantime I'll read the older ones.

    3. Thank you Manfredo. I'm glad you like my blog. My next one will be Friday. See you soon.