Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Postcard a Day - Tuesday 10 May T for Portuguese wine and chilli peppers

Good Morning! Good Tuesday!

I'm back! Sorry I couldn't make it last Tuesday. We were travelling in our campervan and were in Portugal. There was no wifi to be found, and anyway I find it difficult to blog on my tablet.
The reason we went to Portugal is the lovely white wine they have, called 'vinho verde', (lit. 'green wine'). I took a liking to it during previous visits to that country, so I promised myself a little trip to buy a few boxes of the stuff. 

I'm going to link up with Elizabeth at T for Tuesday. Anyone can link up showing anything drink related. I reckon I qualify with this wine trip.
We bought 12 bottles as they were  on special offer. The next morning we went back and found they also sold them in boxes (much easier to transport), so we got another two boxes of six. That should last me for a while.
I sampled it that same evening in the campervan.
You can tell by my attire that it was still quite warm. The weather changed to rain and cold the next morning so we drove back into Spain and headed for Sevilla, where we spent a few days. But that is for another time.

Now for my postcard for today:
This is a card I am sending to someone in Ohio. According to her Postcrossing profile, she likes to dig in her garden and grow things. This card is from a series of inspirational postcards called 'We Can Do It'. This particular image was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (UK) during WWII.

Are you all busy in your gardens? (Northern Hemisphere). I have no garden but I have planted seeds in a tray, which have come up (the seeds, lol) and I have now planted them in little individual pots and when they grow I hope to see chilli peppers growing on them. I love chilli peppers but I can't get them here. So I resort to growing my own....

Have a great Tuesday all of you,
Blessings and greetings from Spain,


  1. What a nice trip with the campervan and fabulous postcards!!
    Good luck with the plants - I did a lot of work in my garden as well - glad I don't just have a smaller one -- work enough in it.
    Happy T-Day Lisca!

  2. Love the idea of a wine buying trip! Enjoy. Great postcard, too. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. How fun to be able to go off to Portugal to buy your wine.It sounds like fun getting to see places. Plus a trip to Seville. I am jealous. Enjoy your wine. Happy T Day!

  4. That's another thing I so miss about Europe-not only the quality of wines, but the prices are SO good!! Glad you had another nice outing. Love those vintage cards. We share a garden with our neighbor but let her choose the plantings since I don't have a green thumb. I just help weed and water:) Happy T day!

  5. Yes, Lisca, I would say that definitely qualifies as a drink. I guess you really like that wine, because you bought enough of it to last a month or so (grin). Your laws are SO different from ours. We aren't allowed to take alcohol across state lines, much less countries.

    I love that postcard. It is SO vintage and looks to be quite old. What fun the recipient will have once she receives it.

    For herb day, the herb of the year was chili peppers. Can you believe it? I will gladly pass, though, because, although I used to be able to eat a lot of hot food, that's not the case anymore.

    Thanks for sharing your trip, your wine adventure, your postcard, and your attempt to grow chili peppers with us for T this Tuesday. Glad to see you for T this week!

  6. Your trip sounds like a lot of fun! I want to go traveling in an RV again. My family did a lot of it when I was growing up. Home on wheels.
    Happy T day!

  7. Looks like your wine shopping trip went well...isn't it great when you get a good price!? Love that postcard too...vintage images are just so fun. I am a miserable gardener, so I've given up trying. ;) We seem to grow more poison ivy than anything. I should grow vegetables, but only have a few flowers. And I do enjoy the wild violets that grow up in our yard! happy tea day!

  8. Looks like you and hubbie made it a fun trip to stock up on your favorite wine.
    You are making me thirsty ;-)
    That postcard will be perfect for the gardener I'm sure.
    Happy T Day Lisca

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful trip and a bargain for the wine.
    Stopping by to say hello to you on T Day.

  10. Well Lisca goodluck with your chili peppers!!! We are still working on the house so no garden yet... maybe next year... But things are certainly warming up around here. Mid 80's today... uuughh.. i'm a 70's gal! Thank you so much for sharing your wine with us... I have only found one wine i enjoy and that is a Moscato... i like it sweet.. Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  11. So I haven't been the only one tripping? Not so far for you, tho.... But maybe one day you will go to NZ - it's a gorgeous country:) love that photo in the van - it looks sooooo holiday-ish!!!! And the postcard is a classic!!!

  12. Sounds like a lovely trip and a good lot of wine for you later enjoyment :) I do love a great wine ♥ Nice postcard`. I had an who collected postcards years ago and I often wonder where they all got off to when she passed.

  13. Hi Lisca, yes the RUH is the same one. I live in Trowbridge. Scheepjes is Dutch and you can buy it in the UK. Now I'm trying to remember what else you said because I'm doing this on my mobile. CAL is crochet along. These are organised by companies in collaboration with crochet designers or sometimes just by bloggers or magazines. The idea is that you buy all the yarn you need (I bought a kit this time) and the pattern is released a part at a time over a set period. I suppose it is a little like a course as I have already learnt new techniques and a new stitch. This CAL is in memory of Marinke Slump who began the design process but lost her battle with depression before she could complete it. Her friends have completed it for her. Every week a pattern for a square is released and we make 4 of them. It will last 16 weeks in total. Guess what - I've ordered more yarn for another CAL lol. The Persian Tiles blanket is based on a CAL but is available to buy as a pattern booklet now.
    Sorry I am late replying which is due to my infected foot.