Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Postcard a Day - Tuesday 12 April 2016 - T for Alhambra and more

Hello lovely friends,

Thank you for visiting me again. Today I'm linking up with Elizabeth at Altered Booklover for T for Tuesday, where we all post something together with a drink related item or subject. My drink related things will come up further down this page.

First my postcard. It is one that I have sent recently:
It is an image of the Alhambra, the beautiful palace of the last Sultan of Granada (13th century). It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is stunningly beautiful. We live about an hour's drive from Granada city, which is of course the capital of our province and we have to go to Granada for administrative reasons sometimes but that is no hardship. It is a lovely city. Not too big. The old center is all walkable.

Lets not forget the drink related item. Here is a funny about making tea:

If you have been following my blog, you will know that we are building a newbuild next to the old cavehouse. The top flat is nearly finished and we have moved in just over a week ago. I have showed you the kitchen already but as my DH is now going to decorate the office/craftroom, my computer needed to come into the living area and I needed a desk. We phoned the carpenter and he came and made me a lovely little desk at the end of the kitchen, all in the same wood. I love it:
I'm pleased a punch as they say. 

I'm also near the teapot (under the tea cozy) and the cups. Ahah! Here is the drink related bit! 

Our cups are proper 'buckets'. I like my mugs big. The clock that you can see hanging up is a real find. It is a clock, yes, but it is also an electronic scales! So handy. In Europe recipes use weight (grams and kilos) not cups. So to bake a cake I need scales. In stead of rattling around in a drawer, my scales are now hanging within reach. So handy! I love it!

I'll leave you with an image and quote that I really liked:

 Have a wonderful Tuesday and a great week,


  1. Wow.. what a fab idea with the computer desk in the kitchen! Great!
    Happy T-Day Lisca!
    Love the quote at the end ♥♥♥
    oxo Susi

  2. I am in awe of that new setup. I have a separate room for my computer and craft area because I don't want anything wet (like paint or spritzed water getting close to my computer. And with it being so close to your kitchen, you can have a big cup of tea or coffee any time you feel like it.

    Those scales and clock are ingenious. That was a REAL find. I LOVE it when things have dual purposes. And this certainly fits the bill.

    I abhor plastic. I don't care for it at all. I bought the yogurt specifically for the T post. I never buy yogurt and never buy bottled water, either. My friend Sally gave me the water when she bought a whole case. I refuse to pay for water when I have to pay for it from the tap, anyway. And I save all my faucet water in buckets and pour it on my plants. This is true for washing my hands, washing dishes, brushing my teeth, etc. No water (gray or clear) goes down the drain if I can help it, because it's been so dry here, I'm doing my part to save my plants both inside and out.

    I really enjoyed reading about Alhambra. It is a fascinating building and I'm really impressed with the architecture. I was happy to read that Charles V didn't destroy it completely, because it is too beautiful to demolish.

    Thanks for sharing this Alhambra post card, your fantastic new kitchen, and your adorable (and fun) take on what lurks inside a kitchen cabinet with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. Love the look of your new desk in the kitchen, really fabulous. Those huge bucket-mugs are just my size! The Alhambra is very beautiful, we had a wonderful holiday in Grenada some years back. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. great post! Love the architecture of that magnificent building on the postcard. I have had an incident just like that funny-but over at my Mom's house-cleanup wasn't so easy though as there were glasses involved:( Your place is really coming together beautifully and your desk is a great way to get some art space. Happy T day!

  5. That quote is just beautiful. And what a cool postcard. Some day I want to go to Granada- it is high on my bucket travel list. Love your tea things too! I'm with you, give me a big mug. Happy T Day! :)

  6. Perfect place for a desk, with everything within easy reach. :) Y'all found a great carpenter. Happy T Tuesday!

  7. I'm fascinated to learn about Granada City. Your tea items are so well organized. And, I too loved the quite at the end of the post. WIishing you the best, Pat

  8. Hi Lisca, I think you were starting the new house last time I dropped by! Love your desk, and I also love big cups and mugs. The one I used today is small compared to my favourites but they were all in the dishwasher!
    Cazzy x

  9. Great postcard and I love your new desk :) Love the cups too... I do love a huge mug of coffee or tea.

  10. beautiful post card, and love the photos of your new space. Great quote too...I totally agree! Beauty is on the inside...happy T day a bit late!