Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A Postcard A Day - 5 April 2016

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday!

I hope you've all had a good week. I certainly have. We're in our new kitchen! We have moved upstairs from a grotty cave to a new, light and airy appartment above. My husband has spent more than a year building it, but it is nealry finished and certainly useable. I am a happy bunny.
This is what it looks like:
As I'm going to link up with Elizabeth at Altered Booklover for T For Tuesday, I will add a photo of me drinking something. This is lunch (I made a risotto).

I am drinking plain old boring water, but I'm trying to lose a bit more weight so no wine yet for me.

Now for the postcard. This is one I have sent (rather than received). I buy my postcards in Russia (online) and this is a very popular one:

It is by Russian artist Oxana Zaika, who is famous for painting cats. This has a coffee cup in it so qualifies also for the T for Tuesday...

It is raining here! Which is great by the way as we live in a very arid area and it hardly ever rains. The land needs it desperately. It usually rains in winter but this winter we have had no rain at all. I never thought I'd be ecstatic about rain (having lived in the UK). But there you are.

That's it from me this time. I will visit you all later today.

Happy T-Day and a great week ahead,


  1. I am still loving your kitchen. Good for you, one for having such good willpower and two for losing some weight. Congrats! :)

  2. Your kitchen is so beautiful!!! So bright and airy ♥ Love the postcard ..you can't go wrong with cats ♥♥♥

  3. Congrats on your new home. Your kitchen looks amazing; so pretty and bright. And, the risotto looks delicious, too! I love the cat postcard and so does Lilly. Hugs, Pat

  4. It's raining here, too, but I am not so ecstatic about it. The new kitchen looks wonderful, enjoy! Love the cat postcard. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. what a gorgeous kitchen just filled with light- I love it!! You look wonderful and very happy to be in it finally. The risotto looks so good. Fabulous design on the kitty postcard! Happy T day Lisca!

  6. You must be over the moon with your gorgeous new kitchen made extra special that it was your husband's handiwork too.
    I enjoy rain and how it freshens everything up and makes it glisten. Everything in moderation though huh ;-) Enjoy ♥ Enjoy
    Happy T Day
    I enjoyed hearing about your Paris memories.
    After just spending nine days there long ago I have so many wonderful memories.
    Travel is one of my favorite things!

  7. i like the new kitchen and how it is open to the rest of the room with the chairs at the oven. very bright and airy! you can be proud of your husband being such a good craftsman!
    the cat Card is awesome, too! and it is nice to hear you love rain. we seldom do, though it is so necessary for nature...
    have a great week:)

  8. I love how bright your kitchen is. I'm sure you're thrilled with it :) Happy T Tuesday!

  9. love your fab huge kitchen and that russian cat is fab..well I am making the most of the spring sun as I live in the UK

  10. Your kitchen looks gorgeous Lisca. I love the natural sunlight you are getting in th er e.
    Great postcard f rom Russia
    Happy Tuesday

  11. Love that PostCard! Drought seems to follow us wherever we go... Drought in West Tx... daughter says move to CA with her they have a lovely rainy season there...instead we found more drought.... moved to Arkansas... almost no rain over the winter and now well into Spring and very little rain... sigh....just rain already!!! So glad you got some. Happy T day ! Hugs! deb

  12. Oh Lisca, I am SO sorry I'm so late, but I'm having horrible computer problems. It's a never ending one, I fear. Your new kitchen is gorgeous. I am so in awe and after waiting over a year for this, I can see why you are happy.

    Bleubeard gives that cat postcard two paws up. He says it's the cat's meow. Well maybe he just meowed and I took it to be that (grin). Both of us love it so much.

    Thanks for sharing your new kitchen, yo8ur risotto and water, and your lovely cat postcard with us for T this Tuesday.

  13. Your new kitchen looks great - so does the risotto! I love the cat! Hugs, Chrisx Happy T day! Chrisx

  14. Your kitchen looks so light and airy...beautiful