Friday, 1 April 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 1 April 2016

Good Morning folks. It's the first of April, but I'm not going to play a joke on you. 

Instead let's share some smiles!

Lots of nice things happened this week. On Monday we took our campervan to a repair place on the coast where we were staying. Easter Monday is a normal working day here in Spain, so it was open. Our water pump was not doing its job and we had another one fitted. (No photos as water pumps and repair shops are boring).

We were back home on Tuesday and went to eat lunch at our usual restaurant.
The photo is an older one taken before I had my hair cut. But it's just to show you the inside of the restaurant. We chose to eat in the bar rather than the dining area.

Wednesday DH connected the water in my new kitchen and we prepared to move on Thursday. I unplugged the fridge, and on Thursday morning I moved the contents in two coolboxes and one of our younger neighbours came to help move yesterday. The fridge and sofa have been moved and yesterday I cooked my first meal in the new kitchen: roast chicken and roast potatoes with veg.

The new kitchen is operational. I am still in the process of allocating cupboard space to different things. DH hung up those Ikea bars and hooks. So handy. Here is another photo. I apologise for the bad quality.
Anyway, I am a very happy bunny!
Now for the postcard:
Pussycats! It's a watercolor by artist Alena Dergileva, a Moscow artist, who generally paints the streets of Moscow. The painting is called: "Old Zaraysk. Meeting". Zaraysk is a town 150 km from Moscow. It has some old buildings. 
This could well be the house on the painting....

The stamps are really beautiful:
I always try to find out more about the pretty stamps. The bottom one is from the series arts and crafts, but I don't know what it represents. The top one is from the series Culture of Russian People - National Head dress - Middle of XIX Century, Yaroslavl Province.

I will finish with a funny:
 Read it out loud and... laugh out loud! Got it!

Have a great week everyone, wishing you lots of smiles. I'm linking up with Annie at A Stitch in Time who leads our Friday Smiles. And then later I will link up with Virginia who does Rocking Your World Friday.




  1. I am smiling Lisca. Lovely post. Happy April. Your new digs look great.

  2. Love the funny today Lisca but got to say I love your kitchen's gorgeous. I can imagine you doing a happy dance in there 😀😀😀😀
    Have a great week,
    Annie x

  3. What a gorgeous kitchen - so roomy - not enough room for two people in my kitchen . Have a great week :) Soojay xx

  4. I so love your new kitchen! So much space too. Lovely post but the cat and dog at the end are brilliant. It often makes me wonder what is actually going through their minds when they do stuff like that. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  5. Love your kitchen but even more I adore your top that you are wearing and my guess is that it is by Desigual! Am I right. I love their range and I have quite a few items, tops, scarves, skirts etc. Luckily there is a shop in Hamburg airport now so I can still buy items without going online as they only have a shop in London.
    Great postcard and stamps once again. I love to see what you get.
    Jo x

  6. Yahoo-your kitchen looks fantastic! I bet you are excited!!!! Have a great weekend.

  7. Lisca, your kitchen looks amazing. What I'd give to have that much room to move around in!
    I am glad the van is fixed and you got home safely.
    The stamps on your card are beautiful and I love the image on the front.
    I laughed at your cat/dog picture. It is true that our dogs know it is best to leave the cats alone. Kate x

  8. The kitchen looks fabulous and glad you are now able to enjoy cooking in the same. I saw you on Kate's post enjoying lunch - so lovely to see two Rockettes together!

    I hope you have a fabulous week ahead.



  9. Thanks Lisca for your lovely kind comment. It was so nice to read about your visit to Kate's too.
    Jo x

  10. I was going to ask how the kitchen was progressing and you answered me perfectly. It's looking fantastic.
    I'm laughing out loud at the cartoon
    Lynn xx

  11. Hi Lisca, so good to see you settling into your new kitchen - it looks lovely. Enjoyed the funny :) Hope you've had a great weekend. Elizabeth xx