Friday, 8 April 2016

A Postcard A Dat - Friday 8 April 2016 - Friday Smiles

Good Morning! It's Friday again!
For those nine to five people: It's nearly weekend!
I'm retired, and I like Fridays because I get to smile even more joining Friday Smiles at A Stitch In Time.

My card this morning arrived earlier this week from China. It had been raining and the postman throws the mail over the gate onto the patio, so it was a bit wet.... I dried it and pressed it and here it is for you to see:
It is a painting by Vincent van Gogh called Wheat Field with a Reaper (1889). When I looked closely I saw that the reaper was a bunny and that the scene only vaguely looked like the original! That made me smile.
The stamps are beautiful:
I had lots to smile about this week. Since the soggy reaping rabbit, DH has put our new postbox up by our front door! The red one! (I have shown this already)
Also this week my desk has been built. The carpenter came Monday to put it in.
I am super happy! This is where i am sitting at this very moment. You can see the socket hanging from the wall. The desk came exactly onto the socket, so DH ripped it out and will put a new socket (or two)  on the wall.

It's spring and many people have started spring cleaning:

This made me smile because I've been known to do that!

And the next photo is not a funny really but I wanted to share it with you nonetheless:
I do try to shop locally and I know many of you do too.

That is it from me today. 
Wishing you a lovely week with many smiles!


  1. I love your post box Lisca and hopefully it will keep your special post dry for you. I know that feeling well with the Spring cleaning and am very thankful our beds have drawers underneath 😄 Thanks for joining in again.
    Annie x

  2. Hi Lisca
    I like the postcard and seeing your new desk. You must be very pleased with your new desk space, it looks great, as does the whole room.
    We've got a bit of sunshine today, I hope it lasts I'd like to get outside in the garden for a bit.
    Have a good weekend
    Lynn xx

  3. Hi Lisca, I have to be quick today as I am off out. Love the postcards and you know I am jealous of your lovely space cos I've told you enough times lol! Better go, have a great weekend with lots of smiles, Angela x

  4. that card is so pretty. Glad it wasn't too damaged. Love the Spring Cleaning. By the time I get to mine it will be Summer cleaning!! Great idea to put the local picture up. I know where you got that one from!!

  5. Yup, shop local all the way. What a cute postcard. And I love the new mailbox too. Have a great weekend!

  6. Fab post again Lisca. Love the postcard and especially the stamps. They are a work of art. I would love a postbox just like yours as it looks so lovely but I'd have to go outside to get the mail.
    The blackboard message is so good and I am sure it makes an impact on trade. I hope so. We used to have about 15 local shops and between them they provided all the necessary items of life,.... butcher, baker, deli, greengrocer, wine merchant, dreaper etc., and now we have cafe's, charity shops, a nail technician etc., and we go to the supermarket for food. Such a shame.
    Jo x

  7. My fave postcard yet.
    How did you get a photo of my bed?! :D

  8. Greetings Lisca, I love the postcard and seeing the lovely stamps. I agree totally about buying local. I lived for many years in a small town. When Wal-Mart came in the small shops closed. It was very sad indeed. We're getting some much needed rain here in southern California. It's heavenly! My best to you, Pat xx

  9. Love your postcard and your art is wonderful. I enjoyed browsing your blog, seeing your creative space and your awesome new home! I am actually here from WOYWW but I ended up here on this post.
    Happy Creative Week to you!!
    Kim #68

  10. Your new desk fits in there just lovely Lisca. I foresee many happy hours spent sitting at it! I also love the bright red post box. I hope your correos man/lady uses it! We have one, but she still sometimes throws things on the front porch.
    Your postcard is sweet, though not really a Van Gough, and the stamps are beautiful. I do think the UK has the most boring stamps in the whole world, except, perhaps, at Christmas. Kate x

  11. What a cute postcard, reminds me of an illustration that would be in a child's book.
    Your desk is looking great all set up and I love the cheerful red postbox.
    I would do my spring cleaning like that too, except my bed is a platform bed, so no space underneath.
    Have a great week!

  12. Ah bless I didn't think you'd done a post this week as no link on my blog, loving the positive statement and your desk looks fabulous. The red postbox is great and hopefully will save your postcards in future. In reply to your question on my blog - the Hogsmeade train station and the TV programme Heartbeat is actually set in a village in North Yorkshire known as Goathland - it's a beautiful little village with rolling moorland surrounding it!

    1. Did I forget to link it? I'm ever so sorry. I meant to...

  13. Love the sign in front of your local shop. I, too, try to buy from my local shops. Not only am I helping the local business, but I get the latest "gossip"....laughing.