Friday, 9 October 2015

A Postcard a Day - Friday 9 Oct 2015 Friday Smiles

Good Morning! 

I didn't do a blog yesterday. I felt so tired I had a sleep day. Do you ever feel like that? 

But today I feel fine again and I can share a few things with you all. The weather here is on the turn. I still wear sandals and T-shirts but in the evening we certainly need a cardigan or jacket. Today it started to rain just as we started to eat and we had to stop and put table and chairs indoors. (Yes, we still eat outside). This is what we had today: bubble and squeak! 

A typical English winter dish! But my DH fancied it, so I went: 'Your wish is my command', got some leftovers out of the fridge and there we are. Very nice it was too!

And here is my postcard for today:
It was sent to me by Olga who lives in Moscow, Russia. She tells me she likes reading and that she is enjoying historical novels at the moment. I love the card. It shows how you can lose yourself in a book and visit a different world. The watch on the floor seems to indicate that time stops when you read. I'm into fantasy novels at the moment and have just finished reading the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb.

The stamps on this card are fabulous:
The stamp on the left is from a series called Culture of Russian People. It is a National Head dress - Middle of XIX Century, Nizhniy Novgorod Province.

The middle stamp is from the series of Kremlins (=fortifications). This one is the Kolomna Kremlin.

The triangular stamp on the right is from a series of decorative and applied art: Lace. 

I'm linking in with 'A stitch in time' for Friday smiles.
Here is my contribution
One of my Canadian relatives shared this with me. She is a quilter and cannot resist a piece of nice fabric!

That's it from me. 
Have a great week everyone.

See you tomorrow,




  1. Hi Lisca. I saw that mug on Facebook this week too and it describes me perfectly :-) If you could only see just how much fabric I have here to sort....When it's all folded and in it's new boxes I will probably do a show and tell so keep an eye out for the big reveal :-)
    Thanks for joining in the fun again this week. I really do appreciate your efforts.
    Annie x

  2. Morning Lisca, I've not done bubble and squeek for a long while. It looks yummy. The postcard is beautiful and the stamps also. I love historical novels and hubby likes fantasy and sci fi. Your mug is great. I think there would be a market for similar mugs for paper crafters!. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  3. Beautiful postcard Lisca and exquisite stamps too.
    I love "Bubble & Squeak" ... it really makes me hungry to see it!
    The mug was definitely made for me... I have such a stash of beautiful fabrics yet I cannot resist more. Off to a quilt show in a week or two and I couldn't possibly come home without more "stuff"!!
    Have a good week,
    Jo x

  4. Love your postcard and your lunch looks very yummy! Take care Zo xx

  5. Hi Lisca,
    I tear off every stamp I get at home. Do you save the stamps? Although if they are on the back of that beautiful postcard.

    As for the fabric -- I haven't sewn in YEARS and I still can't resist a fat quarter or two!

    Have a great weekend.


  6. My dad LOVED bubble and squeak- I have never tried it though. Love your pretty postcards. Have a great week xx Soojay

  7. I'm laughing at that mug it's so true. Hmm I could eat the bubble n squeak myself.
    Have a nice weekend Lisca and thanks for dropping by.
    Lynn x

  8. I hope you have some bubble and squeak left...I am on my way....Love mine with bacon!
    That card is lovely. Love those stamps too.
    PS - the food budget for prisoners is more than the patients' - which is ludicrous seeing as they are recouperating!

  9. It is getting a bit chillier isn't it, but we still eat outside on dry days, and this week I went in the sea which is still quite warm. But of course, you are a good bit higher up than us.
    I love that postcard, just as I love to lose myself in a book, and the stamps are beautiful. Kate x

  10. YUP! I get the 'Tired's' every now and then. It's weird cos you'd LIKE to do stuff, but literally have to rest. But usually it's over with once you have had a 'day off', so to speak! Bubble and squeak looks YUM.....glad it's cooling a little for you....LOVED that postcard. Beautiful scene & my Mum is a quilter and ended up sending a huge parcel of fabric from her visit to the USA home cos she 'cough splutter' didn't have enough at home already!!! LOL!! I can't talk...the scrappy stash is barely under control.....

  11. oh please do share how you make your bubble and squeak. It looks delicious. I love that mug, I've seen one about crafts too, I should have that on my credit card hahahaha You will see why on my next WOYWW post

  12. Mmm that Bubble & Squeak loots delicious - perfect comfort food!

    And I had to smile at that fabric quote - I've spent the day with friends who've been talking about their fabric/paper collections and that's very much the kind of thing they said!

    Lizzy recommended I drop by your blog as I've set myself a challenge to 'meet' new bloggers by leaving 300 comments in 30 days - this is No.179! Just 121 to go ... !!!

  13. I know I should abide by the quote but it wont happen as I am going to a craft fair at Newark tomorrow and I know I will not be able to resist the goodies so I will give in Lol!
    Happy crafting, Angela x