Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A Postcard a Day - 27 Oct 2015 T for Medieval Market

Good Morning! 

Happy Tuesday everyone! I'm linking up with Elizabeth at alteredbooklover for T for Tuesday. Why don't you join us? All you need is something drink related (doesn't have to be tea...)

This post is photo heavy today. (No postcard today) There was a Medieval Market in our village this weekend and of course we walked along the stalls to have a look:
There were lots of craft stalls, and food stalls with chairs out (but it was a bit cold).
There was a really nice atmosphere.
There was a story teller/clown entertaining the local children.

It was the first few cold days of the season. We all had to get our jackets and cardigans out.

We lit the fire for the first time this weekend. We have an unusual stove: the right part is a wood burner, but the left part burns almond shells.
They cost 10 cents (Euro cents) a kilo and a sack of 25 kilo will last us two evenings. Here it is in action:

It kicks out some heat I can tell ya!

Saturday I stayed indoors and made this cherry/marzipan cake from a Dutch cook book I had bought last summer. I took it to our church house group where it was devoured in no time!

On Sunday we decided we would eat something exotic at the Medieval Market and we had something Arab, chicken rolled into a flatbread, with sauce and a bit of salad. Yummy. We had sweet tea with it and we were allowed to take the glasses home:
So this is my reference to T for Tuesday, these unusual tea glasses.

Have a lovely Tuesday and a great week,




  1. It's that time of year for craft fairs, and this looks interesting. I noticed quite a few people had canes, so even if they weren't eating at least they would have a nice place to sit, rest, and people watch. At a few of the craft and food fairs I've been to, they don't have seating, so it's hard on people who need to sit often (like my friend Sally).

    Your cherry/marzipan cake has me drooling. I love cherries, and this looks wonderful. I can see why you didn't/couldn't bring any of it home to share with us.

    Those are stunning glasses. I was shocked that you were allowed to keep them, because they are simply gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely craft and food fair, your cherry/marzipan cake, and your lovely drink glasses with us for T this week. It was fun to roam the fair with you and I didn't even get tired!

  2. The fete looks fabulous and I adore those tea cups.... Your cake looks VERY yummy - lucky church group!!!!

  3. ooh that market looks like so much fun! How cool you got to take those glasses home too. That is a very professional looking cake! But above all, how inviting that fire looks and I can just smell the aroma....happy T day!

  4. A medieval market, how marvellous! And how awesome you got to take those gorgeous glasses home too! Happy T Day :D

  5. Love your market, what fun! And I am intrigued by your stove, and love the idea of burning almond shells. But the queen today has to be the cake, wow, what a beauty! Happy T Day, and have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  6. your market Looks really enjoyable, and i would love to sit at the coffeetable for this marvellous cake!! the arabic tea glasses are a wonderful touch!

  7. Must have been fun at this market for sure and your burner looks cool ! The cake looks very delicious -wow!
    Happy T-Day Lisca!

  8. Love your woodstove and never knew about almond shells being used for wood fire, you learn something new everyday. THat market looks wonderful and full of odds and sodds

  9. Lucky you! The Medieval Market looks wonderful and those glasses are oh so lovely.
    Your Marzipan cake must have been it a hit. It looks like its from the bakery.
    Your almond shell fuel is brilliant and so smart. Using what you have makes so much sense.
    Thank you for sharing and btw I think there can never be enough photos because it's really true that every picture tells a story :-)
    Happy T Day Lisca oxo

  10. It was really nice to see your photos of the medieval market and to see how well attended it was. I found your stove very interesting also in that I have never seen one that burns almond shells. Some stoves here burn so called pellets which I think are compressed saw dust.

    Lucky your for getting to keep those awesome glasses!

  11. What fun to see the market. Fun that you got to take home the glass too. I've never heard of a stove like you have, seems quite reasonable to use the shells at that cost.

  12. I'd have enjoyed your medieval market. The food sounds yummy, and the glasses made the perfect souvenir.

    The woodstove is a new one on me. It's interesting to see what options there are.

    Happy T Tuesday!

    1. That market looks great. It has been a while since I went to a good market. The almond shells idea looks great. I wonder if they would export for us to put on our fire?
      I like those glasses too.

  13. I love going to those types of fairs ♥ The food sounds fantastic and that cake you made is beautiful ! I love a good wood fire to warm the place up :) There's nothing to beat it. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. I really enjoy markets, and this one looks very colorful! Wondered what type of shells those were for the stove...I was guessing peanut shells... what a good idea! The cake is a real work of art and looks delicious! Happy T Day!!

  15. I love craft fairs and markets, there are so many colorful and unique products. Your cake looks delicious. Those glasses look very interesting. In India we have steel glasses to drink tea. This picture reminded me of that-:)
    Happy T day

  16. Never heard of using almond shells for fuel. Sounds like it works well.
    Love craft fairs. Those are really different tea glasses that look coppery. Nice!
    Happy T Day! :)

  17. What a beautiful post! I wish I could have been there with your church group to help devour part of that delicious looking cake! Happy T-Day!

  18. What a delightful post!I'd like to go to a medievel market. It must be super cool!Love the cake too!Happy T-Day!