Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Postcard a Day - Sunday 4 Oct 2015

Good Morning! Good Sunday!

Hope you are having a super weekend. We are still working hard to get the top floor of the new build ready so that we can move in in December. We had a (back) door made by a local carpenter and it arrived Friday. Now we need to wood stain and seal it. (a special protecting varnish).
Yesterday the new sofa bed we had bought more than a week ago was collected by my hubby and two friends. (To have it delivered would have cost quite a lot extra, so we waited until some friends were available yesterday. They kindly helped us get it in and out of the truck and up the stairs).
Now for my postcard: It's Sunday so of course it is going to be a church!
This is the basilica of Saint Quentin in northern France, sent to me by Didier.
 Saint-Quentin, which has about 60,000 inhabitants, was named after St Quentin, who was believed to have been martyred there in the 3rd century.

Because the town suffered substantial damage during the First World War (approximately 3/4 of the town was destroyed) a great deal of rebuilding was necessary when the war ended, and many buildings were built using the then-fashionable art deco style.

The basilica was badly damaged, but some beautiful Renaissance windows survived and others were replaced by attractive art deco windows.

This is the stamp on the card. It is from a series of art by grafitti artist Miss-tic. The text reads:  Le Masculin l’emporte mais ou?…..The male sex takes it away, but where?
That's it from me for today. 
Have a lovely peaceful Sunday and see you tomorrow,




  1. Nice couch! Lovely door - bet it looks fabulous once it's all sealed up and in place. Hoping you get into your place for Christmas. That would be lovely!! Interesting postcard. Don't quite understand the saying...but, anyways!!!

  2. I love the door and the couch. It is always exciting when we do home is much better than moving house xx

    1. Thanks Lynette. We are not doing improvements but actually building a house next to our cave house. The cave house needs renovating so I can't wait to move into the new building. (At Christmas I hope)